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I woke this morning to find I’m still from Great Britain, The United Kingdom. Scotland voted NO, to independence. The United Kingdom is still England, Wales, Scotland (all three make Great Britain), Northern Ireland and all the other islands around the Great Britain (the big island) apart from Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man which under British law aren’t part of the UK, but their habitants are British citizens as the islands are a possession of the British crown (I don’t get how that works either). Then there are 14 overseas territories. A little bit of geography and pub quiz trivia for you!

Earlier this week I went to a local running shop to get my gait checked out and see if my trainers are right for me. My current running trainers after about 450km (according to NikePlus) are up for renewal. I was curious to see how they asses my gait and whether I underpronate, overpronate or am neutral. I never got to see as having insoles as I found out, I can only have neutral trainers. I mentioned that my current Ascis gel nimbus 16’s at times feel heavy like clogs and they fixed me up with New Balance 880’s. It’ll take a few runs to see just how they are, but first impressions this morning, extremely lightweight compared to nimbus and comfy! Maybe it was the new trainers go faster first run, but I felt lighter and a little faster, even with the extra unexpected kilometre detour.

8km along the beachesIMG_6091

Anyways, things that have been making me smile this week;

Converse All Star Snake exclusive for Foot LockerIMG_5935

I actually got these a few weeks ago and love that they go with everything. They’re also the only way to wear animal print, faux!

Iconic AppIMG_6160

Paul introduced this to me and now I can’t put it down. It’s a cross between hangman and pictionary on music, movies and people. You either get a few letters and drawing or just drawings. It’s completely daft, it’s fun and it’s free from i-tunes app store.

Medjool dates


These have been helping with my sugar/sweet fixes this week. Straight from the fridge they taste like caramel. I swear if you’re trying to cut down on processed sugar snacks (sweets) and chocolate, medjool dates are the way to go. They have more potassium than bananas which is great for non banana eaters like me. I’ll eat bananas in cookies or cakes, but raw, I’ll run a mile. Strange yes, but I’m not the only one!


Featured on this week as part of their Short Film Showcase, I’m in awe of this amazing underwater short film by Morgan Massen as the waves break, barrel and roll over head. All the different blues and greens are completely mesmerising.

What’s been making you smile this week? What’s your sugar hit healthy fix? It’s the last weekend of summer, so I’m going to try to be outside as much as possible soaking it up. Have a great weekend!





  1. says:

    Glad you’re still “with us” 🙂 I get worried about the sugar in dried fruit and it often puts me off trying it, but I know you like your prunes – your description of caramel has re-ignited curiosity now….. I hope the new shoes work out well and you work well out of them!!! Are the nights drawing in yet? Xxx

    1. says:

      The nights are drawing in. 8pm it’s dark and I don’t like it! Have you found some medjool dates yet? Make sure they are medjool, other dates aren’t half and nice and I don’t want to disappoint your curiosity!

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