Weekend Friday Favourites

I’ve picked up a little more work this week and I’m tying to balance and keep the plates spinning on sticks. Some have crashed, but hey, I just start with a new plate and see which direction it spins off in. I’ve missed not blogging and I’m looking forward to when someone invents a machine that types what you’re thinking. One so whatever your doing and whenever a thought, an idea or a post starts to pop up in your head, it types it out and the does the graphics exactly how you envision them. I’ve have posts done in no time! I could use Apple dictate thingy, but I don’t used Siri for a reason. Either I don’t say a word clearly enough for her, or she only knows one English accent. I’m surprised, how polite she is and hasn’t answered anyone back yet who gets a liiittle bit frustrated with her ‘there’s no need to talk to me like that!’. Imagine the sass if she did! Would be the start of humans vs the machines?

I hope you’re having a great weekend! The only plans I have this week is catch up, relax (aka the beach!) and a big sort out. I try to keep on top of tidying up during the week, but there comes a point when energy gets stale and it needs to get moving. Energy can’t move when it’s blocked!

Weekend Friday Favourites, a round up of things that have been making me smile this week.

The Terminator Who Pranks 

Terminator Genisys is out soon and to promote it and the his After-School All-Star Programme, providing safe place after school for kids, Arnie’s back! I’ve no idea what he was like as a governor, not my country but there can only be one T800 and it’s good having him back as an actor. Sometimes you need to watch movies that are less Oscar worthy and just entertainment.  There’s no denying he’s a great action actor and as he says, the more fun he has promoting After-School All-Star programme, the more fun fans have watching and the more fans get engaged with the charity.

iherb iherb parel cutter

I think they’re trying to tell me something. Normally you get a freebie pen, pencil, eraser or measuring tape with your order, but with my latest order, a parcel opener! This I really can use. I internet shop quite a bit and I’ve never got patience to walk 3 seconds to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors when parcels arrive. I usually use my keys as soon as I get in the door! This is perfect and is now living on the entrance table. No more keys as scissors!

Friday Run View Friday Run View, San Marti, Barcelona

I ran earlier than usual and out on by the marina/jetty, quite a few old guys were fishing. I think they were just using fishing as an excuse to just be and watch the world go by.

Kathryn Budig’s Hero’s Journey Yogaglo Class

This was just what I needed to feel human again Monday after Sunday’s midnight race!

Parc Ciutadella

I’ve had the pleasure of training clients twice this week in the park. After class, I have a little explore cycle through and every time it’s different or there’s something new I haven’t seen before.

Lizard Beach Towel Lizard Beach Towel, Sarong

After a few years of a heavy cotton sarong/beach towel, I’ve gone back to a lightweight rayon one. Less suncream staining, folds up small and wears longer. From my 10 years in the Med, I’ve learnt from the locals a sarong is the best beach towel.

Buenas Migas Americano CoffeeBuenas Migas cafe

Coffee out is a treat for me as take out can be expensive here. I usually go for MacDonalds €1 take away coffee when I need a caffeine boast when out. I was craving coffee after the gym Tuesday and popped into Buenas Migas a beach cafe in Barceloneta. €1.60, not too strong I was wired the rest of the day and just the right temperature!
AJ and D

Just because and because this week they haven’t been running a chicken scam.

Aj/Angelous’s usual summer face. I’m gonna be seeing lot of it the next few months! AJ, 'it's hot'

Resident peeping tom. DieselDiesel

Animal rescues 

Rescuing a stray mountain dog

The cat who survived a house fire helps other animals heal

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend! 





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