Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! Mine may seem quite as it’s a mostly at home weekend, but there’s so much on my to do list which I’m happy to work through. I’m sure I’ll only get a few things done and everything else like usual gets rolled over to next week, month, year. Anyway, my favourite post of the week to write, Weekend Friday Favourites! Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. Well, recently as I away travelling so missed few WFFs.

Flamingo Just Because 

Late Winter/Early Spring Light

Zoo Lockers


Previously Barcelona Zoo lockers were a non refundable €4. Now they’re free! You enter a code of your choice and can use the locker as many times as you want during 1 visit. This means I can go before or after the gym without lugging around a heavy gym bag around the zoo! 

Fabletics Downtown Backpack

I’ve been after a smarter or chicer looking rucksack for when I’m running around the centre. Sometimes I feel a bit scruffy with my gym rucksack. During Fabletics Black Friday week sales something said checkout their backpack I’ve had my eye on. Each day what was on sale changed and that particular day was the backpack for about half price! I’d never have paid full price for it and if I’d had waited until Black Friday I’d only have had red to choose from. Even though it’s smaller in size than my gym rucksack (Patagonia 26L) I can fit just as much if not more, much more organised. It fits higher on my back and after a longer time of use is more comfy than my Patagonia one. The tab at the front is great for hooking my back bike light on although as I’ve on more than once occasion stuffed it a little too full, there is some seam pulling. Nothing I can’t fix. I wore it on holiday around San Francisco and non Big Sur hikes shopping. It was a little out of place in Hawaii but I’d packed enough cotton totes I didn’t have to use it. I like also that running around the centre I don’t get knocked into with it on. P’s even commented on a few occasions he thought I was rucksack free! The only con, any water bottle bigger than 500ml won’t fit in the side pockets.

REI Co-Op Flash 22L Pack Backpack

Another backpack?! Yes! I didn’t intend to buy another rucksack/backpack but another has been on my lookout list. Looking around REI’s (perhaps the best outdoor shop I’ve been too) backpack section I couldn’t stop looking at their own rucksacks, in particular their Flash line. I’ve also been wanting to replaced my gym rucksack, Patagonia Women’s Refugio Backpack 26L as it’s heavy and as mentioned before it doesn’t pack/organise well inside. I’ve seen others at the gym with drawstring rucksack tops and they always seem to pack a lot without bulking out too much. After trying on every single colour in the 22L and choosing the ‘animal print’ or ‘Forest Trails Rustic Gold’ I was happy that Forest Trails was on discount (print now discontinued, however more colours here)! I was hesitant that it wouldn’t work as it’s not as structured as my Patagonia one, with the straps digging in. I left the labels in just incase on its first use. I needn’t have worried as it’s so comfy! I hardly noticed it hiking, it sits higher on my back, I can fit a lot in, the side pocket’s high enough to hold my bottle without it falling out bending over. I can also if I wish add a water pack and the backing pulls out for a seat which I haven’t tired. I think it’ll change the structure when putting it back in to not the same as before. It’s smaller volume being 22L than the Patagonia’s 26L and I haven’t used it yet for the gym, but I can fit so much more in on non gym days I don’t use the Fabletics one. It’s also a lot more streamlined and even has a whistle on the chest straps! I’m hoping it’s still as comfy come spring and summer with a less padded coat, but aside from that I can’t recommend it enough! I’m learning it’s not the volume capacity of a backpack, it’s the structure of a rucksack.

New Leaf Community Market Raspberry Hand Pie!

On our last day in the USA before heading back, I joking said to P we need to have pie! It’s become joke between us when previously visited the USA to have pie, because you know so many USA movies and TV shows feature pies! We had a few hours to kill before the airport and headed to Half Moon Bay. The town’s a big hipsterish new old town building’s if that makes sense but we weren’t there for the town. We drove straight through to the beach, where parking is in the Half Moon State Beach. After we’d walked part of the Park beach walk we were hungry! Happy Cow suggested New Leaf Community Market which was amazing! Like Wholefoods with an edge! So may vegan options, pie being one! Initially I thought we’d have to skip pie as they only had full sized pies until I saw hand pies. P was ‘hand pies!!!”! Vegan hand pies! Sadly no apple pie which would have been the bomb. We got a tea from Peets next door, sat out side eating perhaps the most amazing vegan BLT sandwich ever before driving back to Half Moon Bay State Beach (the day ticket let us back in) to eat pie and finish our teas watching the waves crash. The pie was a bit sweet and almost too much for me, but we had pie! It was also the most Sundayish thing I’ve done in a long time! I commented to Paul it feels like a proper Sunday thing to do: go for a walk, mini food shop (thankfully the extra goods fitted in the suitcases), take out tea and lunch, watching the waves crash. It’s back to reality now and cups of teas in mugs. Take out only when on holiday and no other option. 

Running and Training 

While I worked out when I could alway (thank you Paul for choosing places with a gym) I didn’t run the whole time I was away. My first run back was a struggle, but I’m happy to be running again! Running I have a love hate relationship with. My running stye’s dumpy, but I love the feeling I get from running. I don’t run for time, training for races, I run because I like too. To be outside running, even if a few have been in the dark made me realise how much I do like running! That and my suspension trainer. I took it but couldn’t always use it. Oh and kettle bells! Indoor or gym climbing, I’m just getting back into. It took about a week until I was back to strength before going away. 

Winter Flowers

It’s was mild while we were away. So mild, my aloe veras are starting to grow their flowers. I’m sure they don’t start usually until April/May. Or maybe they’re not happy. The zoo also has some flowers I’m sure out early too. I have no idea their names, just that they’re pretty to look at.

Geometric Shapes From Naked Winter Trees


Internet Finds 

Promise I have found another news source! Apple News App! But once again mostly BBC Nature, Culture etc. I tend to ignore BBC main news reporting but I like their nature, history, science and travel sections. 

India yak deaths: ‘For humans to survive, yaks, must too’. BBC News

The rescue worker who refuses to leave a bombed-out town. BBC News

Animal sanctuary in Rickmansworth provides perfect ‘therapy’. BBC News

Birmingham sniffer dog finds wedding ring thrown out in rage. BBC News

France to ban culling of unwanted male chicks by end of 2121. BBC News

Australia fires: 113 animal species ‘need emergency help’. BBC News

Radar captures huge bird migration over Florida. BBC News

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below!

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