What goes around comes around

Up bright and early this morning for a 8km road and off road run. Few people were out, just the way I like it! I can’t believe that in about 6 weeks, summer start saying goodbye. I’m going to miss running in shorts and a tank in a few months!

Sleepy Ville
Pre run snack: Banana, oat, almond and maca cookies and coffee


Still full of energy after my run, from pre run fix of banana oat cookies and coffee, it was time for box jumps. I used the wall again and already seeing improvements as I was landing more with both feet fully on. My handstands are also coming along. The wall’s behind me, though I’m increasing the distance away from it. Usually one toe hits it, I back off to balance, hold for about a second. Longer if my legs or knees are bent (so I look like a crazy scorpion) as my centre of gravity is closer to the ground, it’s easier to hold. I’ve also managed a few ‘legs straight’ without hitting the wall and hold for about a second. Which great until I think, ‘I’m handstanding’ then bam, hello floor! I still have to use momentum rather than lift gracefully, but that will come. Practice makes perfect, as my body is adapting to new stimuli (handstands) and is creating new neural muscular pathways, so each time I expose my body to handstands, it gets easier. Within time, in becomes a no brainer and I’m a handstand master!

A few months ago a girl on the bus back from work lost her bus pass. She couldn’t find it anywhere, so I paid for her fare as she was practically emptying her bag on the floor (can’t have that!). I just hoped as thanks, one day someone would do the same for me if I ever got in a similar situation. Coming back on the bus today, I forgot that they don’t except notes higher than €10. The driver asked the rest of the passengers if anyone had change of €20 and a man kindly paid my fare. Sometimes it’s nice to know that Karma does pay back for the small things we forget we do, just to help out. The News always seems to be full of the bad and sometimes we forget that there is kindness out there no matter how big or small. Thank you man on the bus for paying my fare and if I see you again, I’ll pay you back!

No dip in the sea to cool off today as it was fully of pesky medusas or jellyfish. Bah…go away!

24/75.2 degrees and full of jellyfish.
Water temp a cool 24/75.2 degrees and full of jellyfish

Are you craving the start of autumn or like me wanting an Indian Summer?! Have you ever helped anyone out, who’s shy of a few pennies?


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    I love fall! It’s my favorite season! Looking fwd to that crisp cool oh so fabulous weather.

    1. says:

      Where you can run any time of the day! Love it too!

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