All You Need Is Magic Soap

Another day, another dollar workout!

Total body strength circuit for this mornings workout. A lot of compound moves (Trainer speak for multi joint or coordinated actions of several muscles that move two joints or more. Think lunges with bicep curls, wood chops, full burpees etc) and heavy on the arms and shoulders. I personally prefer compound moves as that’s how we move in everyday life (some functional training for you!), they burn more energy as larger muscles are used, they build muscle, make you lean and strong and I find them fun!


Today’s circuit was 7 exercises with little rest in between for 10 reps/20 reps for sandbag side lunges and plank frogs 3 times through. A good metabolism starter for the day. This was followed by two circuits of abs and good old floor booty moves! I find these tone the smaller muscles that wouldn’t normally get a look in with regular squats and lunges.

It was a good workout, but it didn’t lift the blah feeling I woke up with. No worries…cats to the rescue! These two had me smilin’ in no time: Aj measuring himself up the sandbag and Diesel just being Diesel.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was reading Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life and have been making changes with all my skincare, make up and cleaning products. I was surprised to learn that even if a product hasn’t been tested on animals and is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s not packed with toxic chemicals. I purchased from bathandunwind a few weeks ago Dr Bronner’s Magic soap, an organic oil soap and I am working through it’s 18 uses.


Use #2: Floor Cleaner: I used two and half capfuls of Citrus Orange Pure Castile Soap with about 7 litres of hot water. The colour was a bit of a shock. It came up whitish/grey looking like suncream when you wash it off. The smell didn’t last long, but it cleaned amazingly. I was worried that it might leave the floors a little greasy as some people had mentioned when Googling it’s uses, but this wasn’t the case. I’ll definitely be using it for the floors again. I am though, hesitant to try it as shampoo! If anyone has used it as shampoo, how did it go?

The rest of the day was a blur of errands and planning the months ahead. It’s going to be a crazy autumn and winter for both of us. A change is good and that’s what we need!

Change is being good to my next door neighbour’s Mum. She came to stay about two months ago for the summer and had great difficulty with the stairs. We share the fifth floor, no lift and 88 steps (yes, I’ve counted them!). I sometimes met her half way up, out of breath and resting on the steps. Today, I met her as I was leaving and she was practically springing up them with a grin. It’s great to see how in that time, her body, her lungs, her heart have adapted to the new environment. It came out of necessity, but I think she was determined to conquer those 88 steps and feels and looks all the better for it!

And with that, it’s time for yoga! Have a great rest of the day!

Do you like compound moves or are you an isolation, one muscle at a time fan? Who or what gets you out of your funks?

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