Snap Happy

Friday already?! I can’t believe it’s about to be the last full weekend of August!

I had a great energising workout Thursday morning. The usual mix of strength with 30 seconds cardio blasts and have added prisoner get ups from knees to the favourites list. I was also impressed with my dive bomber press ups, 3 sets of 10…no problem!


Breakfast was the usual as was my late morning snack of mango, nectarine and Greek yoghurt. Yum!


Household chores, catching with blogs and evening yoga was the rest of the day…did I mention Groundhog Day the other day?! Saying that, I did finally start some charcoal drawings in the evening and found a great tip for better posture…turn your palms up! So simple! Check it out here and for more posture tips.


The cats are beginning to appreciate the now cooler evenings and are playing, wrestling and getting up to tricks.

Friday’s workout was Blonde Pony Tail’s, Head to Toe AMRAP HIIT circuit. I did 10 rounds in 20 minutes and am happy with that. Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD 2 Sunkissed Abs afterwards. I’ve only recently found Blonde Pony Tail and she has some good HIIT routines. AJ also wanted to get in on the action by showing off his downward dog downward cat pose.


After running errands, bumping into an acquaintance and making a fuss of her dog (has to be done…he’s too cute!), I headed to the beach early. You can now feel the temperature change 🙁 especially in the evenings.

I wasn’t sure how my Friday 6km run would go as I was still feeling Thursday touchdown lunges…ow! I kept the pace steady and I can now stand up and sit down without pulling faces!


I get snap happy a lot, so here are a few favourite photos of the week:

The sea was choppy Monday which meant perfect fishing for these two seagulls


When I hit this path in the park, I know I’m in the park!


Pigeon! AJ watching pigeons on the awning


Diesel showing off his panther stripes


Hibiscus at 9am


Hibiscus at 12pm


Feeling Blue


I hope you have a great weekend! Another quiet one for me as I think rain is going to stop the firework show on Saturday.

How do you know when the season are starting to change? Do you get excited or blue?

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