Brightening Up The Grey

Can it really be the last week of August?! Next week will be back to the old routine for some and new beginnings for others. It can be an exciting time of cooler mornings and crisp afternoons. However come November, this seems to have worn off along with the carefree days of no winter coats, scarfs, gloves and boots weighing you down. We always seem to be happier in the summer. If only we could bottle it up for when we’re tucked in snug and warm from the cold, debating to go outside and run. That’s why I like to be surrounded by splashes of colour so I can close my eyes and breath in summer sun. Pink flamingos in the bathroom also help. If they don’t make you smile when it’s 1/33.8 degrees outside, I don’t know what will!

Saturday’s workout was a fun one! A dynamic strength/HIIT circuit. I got some strange looks from AJ when I was going crab walks. His face was picture…’WFT is Mama doing?!’ ‘Hitting her triceps, AJ!’


My latest order from arrived finally (post from the UK takes as long as it does from the USA to arrive). I’ve been reading Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life and have wanted to try Honest’s Healing Balm. This range isn’t yet available in Europe but I’ve found it’s European counter part: Balance Me, Stellar Face Balm. This balm can be used as lip balm, protecting and soothing chapped or scraped skin, a menthol rub with added essential oils, mosquito bite soother, soothe rashes and eczema, hydrator, face pack…you get the idea! It’s packed full of natural waxes and oils and smells good. I’m curious to see how it’ll help my less than stellar complexion and eczema flares. You only have to use a little so the pot should last a long time. **

Even though it wasn’t perfect beach weather it was still good to go and switch off for a bit. I’m rereading a few books and am enjoying them as much as the first read. I got back just as big fat raindrops started. The firework display went ahead as planned (watched from kitchen window as my friend couldn’t make it). Several towns in the area have taken it in turns this summer to hold displays. I’ve been fortunate to see a few from the kitchen window. Even those across the bay in Nice looked impressive. Diesel (cat) hid as usual. He doesn’t like fireworks while AJ’s (cat) cool with them being a London boy and a few years of Guy Fawkes Night and then Correfoc in Barcelona. Diesel though a Catalan boy, so by default should love all things Catalan, hides or likes to stay close to his brother. His Mama loved to participate in Correfoc and join the crowd if she could! She’s looking forward to when she next can!

Brightening up an overcast afternoon.


Sunday I was up bright and early for a 10km road and off road run. Usual route, but every time is different. After last night’s storm (which continued out to sea all night and lit practically the whole horizon) the morning felt a bit cooler. Even the light was different.


I had energy left in the tank it was Tone It Up’s Beach Babe DVD 2 Sunrise Routine and handstands. The day got progressively cloudy so this made me smile when I got the beach. I like their style!



I went trail biking afterwards and came off round a bend downhill. I was impressed how I hopped off and didn’t fall or trip over my bike. Not a scratch! Just pride a little dented! When you train dynamically your reactions get quicker. A few years ago my dismount wouldn’t have been so graceful! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the park as often when my boyfriends hours get back to normal, so I’m making the most of it.


A little yoga later it was baking time. I like to make a batch of health muffins for the week to have when my sweet tooth kicks in. These week’s batch is Coconut Cinnamon Muffins. I followed a coconut carrot cake recipe, left out the carrots and nuts and added more coconut flakes. Next time less cinnamon! They taste good…chewy and moist.

I hope you had a great weekend whatever you did. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

Those Pink Flamingos


** After two day of using the balm I can already see improvements in skin tone and those fine lines!

Have you ever experienced Correfoc? If you’ve ever in Barcelona around the last full weekend of September, go to Via Laitana at dusk on the Saturday. It won’t disappoint. Make sure to wear trainers, jeans, a hoodie (girls, if you have long hair, tie it back) and bring no fear!

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