Salt Water

Isak Dinesen said ‘The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea’.

I couldn’t agree more. My guy in three weeks should be home and there’s been plenty of sweat, some tears and moments of feeling just how amazing the sea is that have got me through the last few months. I’m looking forward to the next few months moving plans along.

Monday’s workout was fun. The usual mix of total body strength and 30 second cardio blasts. Break dance press/push ups, resistance bands pivot rows and plank up ups, down downs are never boring!


After Saturday’s storm, the weather has changed with a touch of coolness in the air. The Mediterranean this time of year is full of rain clouds that like to tease. This generally lasts about two weeks and it may only rain three times. The clouds Monday retreated for a warm afternoon so of course I stole an hour at the beach. I also got to my surprise, thanked by an old man for picking up plastic bags, fishing wire etc as I do on my way to the shower or my bike. I get annoyed how people can’t walk 10 metres to the bin and leave rubbish behind. There are even recycle bins this year and they still leave it behind! I do it for the animals who often mistake rubbish for food or get tangled up in it with complications. Many turtles die each year by thinking plastic bags are jellyfish. (Antibacterial gel is at hand for my clean up moments)

Saying that, this beach find was quite something!


Monday’s run was the usual Monday 6km. It was a little bit of a shock to find myself running back in the dark. A few other runners were out, but no where near as many as a few weeks ago.


Tuesday’s workout was another total body circuit. I hadn’t slept very well, but felt better for it afterwards. It was a good paced circuit that got the metabolism and mood up!

Deadlift knee raise curl, scissor lunges, pivot rows, fit ball shoulder pikes and more keep it moving!

The clouds were coming in black, so I headed to the Carrefour Hypermarche to try to escape the worst while grocery shopping. As soon as I got to Carrefour, there was the biggest bang of thunder and lightening and splat…down came the rain! I made it inside before I got completely drenched! I’d taken a rain coat but I’d forgotten my cardi, so Carrefour was a little chilly. The raincoat was in my rucksack, that was in a security tagged Carrefour shopping bag (any bag apart from handbags in the big supermarkets, have to be placed in a security tagged or tamper proof bags on entry in France and Spain.)…duh! No wonder I could feel the start of a sore throat later that day!

Waiting for the bus and the rain.
Waiting for the bus and the rain.

I’ve upped the resistance for my rows and my back and shoulders were feeling it. An hour of yoga sorted that out. The cats have also started to wrestle again during yoga. No idea what vibe is being felt!

Wednesday I was up bright and early for an 8km run. It was good to be running without contending with as much heat! A quick practice of handstands and it was time to attack the cleaning. Not my favourite job and I can’t decide which I dislike more: housework or food shopping!


My sort throat eased up and with paperwork, emails done and after sun siesta, I headed to the park. I got there earlier than of late so few runners were out and I had for the most part, the trail to myself. I felt a little sad as I know my guy would have liked to have biked around. Soon! It was also very quite without the cicadas and only a few dragonflies.


Looking forward to yoga later this evening, (no doubt with WWE cats) a snuggle with these two and meeting a friend tomorrow for coffee. So this little lady had better get with it!

Do you agree salt water cures most things? What’s your view on litter on beach. What action do you think should be taken with it?




  1. says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Johanna Berg..where is this park you go to? We live in Juan les Pins and I sometimes want to change up my run from the beach but never knew where a park was.

    1. says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Thank you for stopping by! The park is Parc Vaugrenier. It’s just before you hit Villeneuve Loubet coming from Biot train station. If you plan running late in the evening, I’d take a friend and no earphones. It’s safe in the daytime for sola chicas!

      I haven’t been but there’s also a park on the way to Cannes from Juan Les Pins, just before Supercuts on the left. There are also several around Sophia.

      I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s a little oasis of peace and quiet!

      1. says:

        Thanks so much, I really appreaciate it! I know it sounds stupid to some when I say I want a change of scenery from the beach, but sometimes a little change is good.
        Thanks again,

      2. says:

        No worries! The same running route gets like the same workout over and over again…a little boring and then plateaued. It’s good to mix things up! The Cap d’Antibes is also a good route. Perfect for hill sprints.

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