Weekend Friday Favourites

I can’t believe how quickly this year’s going. A quarter of the year’s done as April says hi. With that I hope you’re having or had a great weekend!

This week’s been a little crazy as I’ve lost my voice to squeaky whisper. I’ve no idea if that’s what it actually sounds like, but that’s what it sounds like in my head making me crack up every time I do talk. It’s thanks to allergies making me cough my throat’s so sore, hence no voice. I finally have allergy medicine that’s taken the edge off so I can breath better. It’s kinda funny hearing me squeak to a whisper! That’s until I start coughing, then I’m do I laugh or cough? Until it clears up, lots of hot drinks and toast. Toast is nice soothing the throat as much as hot liquids are easing it. But enough of woe me, here’s this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye the past 2 weeks. 

Cork Yoga Mat

My workout mat needed replacing after a good few years use as it was sliding everywhere when doing any type of jumping. Not to mention from planks and mountain climbers bits of plastic were shedding. I’d been using my yoga mat as a substitute however for some reason I like to have a separate yoga mat and workout out. Wanting to find one that was less plastic and more easily recyclable cork mats kept popping up on Amazon.

For some reason I thought the mat would have a thicker cork layer. Like most workout and yoga mats, it’s made of 2 pieced of material bound together. The bottom half is made from TPE (biodegradable)  with the top half cork. Reviews said it was good at wicking away sweaty hands and feet. Something I get pretty quickly working out. After airing it for a day or 2 to ease up the cork smell I’ve been impressed so far. It’s not a soft as my other mat, but it does wick away easily sweaty hands and feet so I’m finding I can hold postures better and longer. Its real test will be in the summer. Usually I have to use a damp micro fibre towel to avoid slipping in any standing pose. I have a feeling this will be just fine. Rolling up it has to be cork side out to avoid damaging the cork and I let it air a while after each use. I’m hoping D doesn’t discover it and start using it as a scratching mat, which I think will be it’s only downside. I also hoping it’s easier recycling if the 2 layers are easy to pull apart. Both are biodegradable if they can’t be.

Cherry Blossom

What doesn’t say spring like cherry blossom?! Can you spot the cheeky parakeet enjoying a tasty snack?!

Peanut Butter

After about 5-6 weeks of not being able to find my favourite brand of peanut butter it’s back in stock! I tried others but they weren’t the same. I found out there’s only one PCD peanut butter suppler in Spain. What?! It’s one of the nicest only contains peanuts, peanut butter out there. Maybe it’s the type of peanuts used or maybe it’s its blend ratio, there’s something about this brand that sells out quickly leaving others on the shelves. Peanut butter’s a daily staple and not to have had my favourite blend really made me appreciate when it was back on the shelves! 

Golden Turmeric Lattes

Who uses handles?! I’ve since got better as making them since this photo

I was cheating using a mix up golden turmeric latte, but I started making my own from the Tone It Up Love Your Body nutrition plan this year. I add an additional cup of water but keep the turmeric, ginger and cinnamon ratios the same and yum! It’s a nice a few times a week as something different and surprisingly easy to make, even if it does make my pee yellow for the rest of the day! TMI?! Turmeric’s an amazing spice so I’m happy I’ve found a way to incorporate eating more of it. The recipe calls for coconut milk which is a little conflicting as I’m trying to reduce my coconut consumption as like palm oil plantations, coconut plantations are equally as destructive. However as coconuts are the ‘good oil’, it’s overlooked. The coconut milk I use is organic (it’s the same price as non organic in the Asian supermarket. I don’t get that?!) so I’m hoping those plantations are more environmentally responsible. 

SunrisesSunrises have been so pretty recently

Flowering Fortune Lucky Cats or Flowering Fortune Good Luck Charm

Cutting though Urban Outfitters took a detour to the cash desk when I saw these cute lucky cats. ‘Inside lucky charm is a fortune and flower seeds.’ Like future cookies there’s a piece of paper inside with your fortune with additional seeds for sowing on. I’m not sure if the cat gets planted or just strip of paper inside. I got one for me and the red one for my sister. She wasn’t quite sure when to plant it, so I suggested the next new moon when I hope to plant mine. New moons are for new intentions and goals as the moon starts to grow again. Maybe some good luck will grow for us both. I’m sure like me she’s curious to see what type of plant it will be. Chia plant?

Burpee Half Squat

These are Shape Magazine find from a few years ago and always guarantee to work up a sweat. A burpee variation, instead of jumping up from a burpee, you jump to wide 1/2 squat targeting inner and outer thighs more. Push up optional!

Internet Finds 

All BBC again. All other saved tabs are beauty products or crystal meanings!

Why water is one of the weirdest things in things in the universe. BBC Reel. If you just click on one thing, watch this! We’re all made from some thing alien!

The unexpected magic of mushrooms. BBC Future

Viral cat videos and the man who watches thousands of them. BBC News

Return of the cat man of Aleppo. BBC News

The world’s oldest medieval map. BBC Travel

What’s caught your eye or been making you smile recently? Please share in the comments below!


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