The Practical Girl’s Autumn Fall Wardrobe Guide

While I live vicariously fashion through Song of Style and Chriselle Lim, I’m a leggings, trainers type of girl as my lifestyle dictates as such. I cycle everywhere, I need jackets that do up, I need a cap to stop my hair looking windswept extreme with a plait to stop tangles from the wind. While I appreciate Aimee Song’s and Chriselle Lim’s style, I get more excited when they feature casual outfit ideas or their everyday vlog dress for inspiration. I love Jessica Alba’s style for this reason too. She effortless does causal style that never looks too casual always with a bit of something extra if you get what I mean. She knows casual chic. As does Kate Hudson. All their styles have something to do with them living in California. That Cali Vibe.

So, this is my non fashionista’s kinda practical guide to how to deal with the summer to autumn fall transition wardrobe. I call my style tomboy chic. Has anyone else noticed as you get older you get the more practical you become? I’m always finding ways to acknowledge this while keeping everything from being outright non fun practical. And I tired to keep it short…

Sunday Newspaper

Rain where I am is spring and autumn fall guaranteed. Buy a Sunday newspaper to stuff wet shoes with. A Sunday edition as you get triple the newspaper of a weekday issue. Don’t forget to recycle the paper afterwards!


Go for colour! Brighten up the rain. When it’s rainy I purposely go for more colour so my mood doesn’t match the weather. Please no golf umbrellas. They block pavements/sidewalks. And please take into account other people on the pavement! So many time’s I’ve nearly had my eye poked out, I honestly rarely use an umbrella now. I was forever moving mine up or down to accommodate people who didn’t with theirs. Now I stick to hoods and duck around everyone. And plus I have my hands free. Okay, back to the topic.

Good Quality Pac a Mac

I prefer black as it’s chic and seriously why are most anoraks and pac a macs bright odd colours (to brighten up the rain like your umbrella maybe?)? They’re always odd colours and patterns. Hiking I get the need for colour. Around the city? Anyways, apart from during summer and on outright rainy days I keep a pac a mac or a fold up into itself anorak on me. Mud and being soaking wet is never a good look and neither is a cold or flu. It’s also great for non rainy windy days as it keeps off the wind chill factor cycling. I prefer one that covers my bum for extra warmth and to stop the said mud splattered bum. They also fit fine over denim jackets, big winter coats or just on their own.

If we’re really getting into being practical, water proof trousers. I don’t like wearing them as they make me feel frumpy cycling and neither do I like how if wearing leggings they feel like you’re wearing tights under jeans cycling. That cold clingy effect. However I don’t get drenched or mud splattered. Likewise if you’re a moto or motorbike girl.


If you can, find a rain coat that you’d wear on days it’s not raining. My Mum says get the best you can afford which I alter to get the best quality you can afford as price doesn’t always equal quality. I found this year in Decathlon of all places a raincoat I can wear as an inbetween seasonal jacket. It was more than I was prepared to pay and Decathlon isn’t exactly known for it’s fashion yet this is a light khaki jacket that’s waterproof that I can wear for a few seasons yet. Sometimes a pac a mac isn’t waterproof enough. This jacket’s tight as in heavy rain. Plus the pockets are waterproof keeping my phone safe. It’s not however that warm when it really tips it down. I didn’t like the toggles so removed them and it’s a lot nicer on than on the hanger!

Ankle Boots

Don’t laugh when cycling they keep your ankles warmer from the cold and wind chill! Any higher I don’t think I could cycle in! Being vegan, I go for yes, plastic shoes as that’s what they are, as if it’s tipping it down, my feet are dry and are easy to clean.

Long Sleeved Tops and Jackets With Sleeves You Can Push Up Easily and Stay Put!

I love 3/4 length sleeves as they don’t get in the way and I love the way they can amp up a outfit. However they aren’t practical cycling as my fingers, wrists and hands get cold. I go for long sleeves I can easily push up when cycling getting too hot, out and about, then am able to pull them down cycling or when cold even when wearing gloves. If they won’t stay up, a trick I learnt this week from Song of Style’s New York Fashion Week Diary’s is a hair band to hold them up.

Pop Socks 

They keep your feet warm without screaming socks. DIM compression free pop socks are my favourite brand as the sock top band doesn’t dig in much, though they will leave a mark. I also like ballerina sockettes which I wear in the summer for the no sock trainer look as they help keep your feet from being sweaty, blisters etc.

Lint brush

An essential as it gets cooler! Why? You start to wear darker colours that show up dust, pet hair, hair etc. I love my Brabantia one as there’s no paper waste from the sticky roller lint brushes and can be used in all directions. In a pinch at the gym, pop socks work on black leggings.

Weather App

Another essential to planning outfits or what to take that day! Though like I said I always take fold up anorak when autumn fall really starts as apps don’t always predict that one shower.

Re-Water Proofing/ Water Repellant Spray

I alway forget to do this. These sprays reproof bags, raincoats, rucksacks, shoes against water after laundering. Just make sure it’s an environmentally friendly one that doesn’t contain fluorocarbons. The run off from fluorocarbons pollute water systems, oceans and seas. Something I didn’t know about until reading this article.

Rubbing Alcohol

While this doesn’t remove the stubbornest stains from make up transfer on jacket collars, it removes the more recent stains and lessens the appearance of stubbornest. Just pour some on a cloth and rub/brush against the stain. This also works if you want to return something and got make up on man made fibres.

A scarf

Again this is one of my Mum’s tips! A scarf even a French style silk scarf you know the one I mean or for more sporty girls, the sports equivalent of the French scarf, a Buff can keep you warm when you don’t want to layer that much. I personally don’t like flimsy polyester or viscose scarves as they loose shape within 2 weeks and end up smelling like old sleeping bags. Neither do I like big chunky scarves as I look like I wearing a neck brace or like the Judoons, Dr Who’s intergalactic police force. Big burley neck thanks to their suits. Basically I’m not a fan of scarves, but then I don’t like things around my neck or too high collars. Even a lightweight dainty necklace feels heavy. But a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep warm so I wear one. Back to the topic, a coat showing off the collar’s great, however a scarf cycling, walking, running (with a Buff) saves wind or cold getting down the front of you. Even if you’re wearing a lower neck line, it still keeps you that much warmer. As the season gets colder, I switch it out to a warmer one.

So there you have it, my non practical girl’s autumn fall wardrobe guide. Which do you fall under? Fashion or practical fashion?

I’m not a selfie fan and please excuse the grainy lift selfie, no shame! It was the only one not blurry (and in fuller length wide mirror!). Anyways, my Tomboy Chic running errands look. Backpack and all. Tres chic. IMG_5700

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