Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Mine hasn’t gone quite as planned. I spent Saturday evening trying to find a pharmacy open that had AJ’s the cat’s medicine. 17km or 27km cycling including a trip to the park before, finding one, mistaking a turning coming back and appreciating people who help, later AJ has his medicine. No thanks from him. Medicine isn’t up there with breakfast or dinner. 

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, a round up of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. Feel free to share what’s been making you smile recently in the comments!

AJ and D

My photo assistant

D not ready to face the day.

Clay Concept Store Vases/Glasses

I found these in Clay in El Borne last weekend. I love their deep blue colour and how each vase or glass in the same line’s unique. The large one has swirls reminding me of Saturn’s rings. All are hand made and come in yellow/green, green, blue and clear glass in a variety of sizes and styles. While I got them for flowers, I like them as they are on my desk. The white and blue play with each other. I also like that they’re kinda simple as opposed to ornate.

Hema Back to School Notebooks

Maybe I should have got the turquoise notebooks as I have way too much pink things. After a while pink gets annoying, but I have equally as many blue items if not more so pink it was. I’ve been finding it hard finding none plastic bound or plastic cover note books as I’m currently reducing my waste or plastic waste in particular. Hema’s back to school range features a few paper covered note books so I stocked up! The pink ones came in a plastic film, but it’s still a lot less waste than plastic covers.


Thanks to YouTube this week I rediscovered Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, the Baby J Valerie remix and Tears Try On Their Own.  Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do, Miley Cyrus Younger Now, Calvin Harris ft Jessie Reyez, Hard To Love and Gavin Turek’s (a girl!), On The Line thanks to Shazam in Sephora have been on repeat. I’m looking forward to next Friday when Macklemore releases’s his Gemini album. Sadly I was too late to buy tickets to see Lady Gaga in concert this Friday for her Joanne World Tour. Though I’m not sure if it’s going ahead as she’s been in hospital last week due to lupus in Rio. Get better soon Lady Gaga!


I had a hitch hiker cycling back one evening! I felt something brush my hand which I thought was rain, glanced down to my surprise a moth was riding out the wind. She as that’s what I’m calling it stayed on for about 1/2 km before I was okay, here are some nice trees, you’ll be safer here than with me parking by the centro commercial.

Hibiscuses In The Rain 

My favourite flowers making a rainy day brighter.

Hema Limited Edition 97% Fruit Candy

These didn’t long! I was tempted by the jelly beans and happy I went for these instead. So much nicer and didn’t leave that sugar aftertaste behind. I can’t decided which ones I prefer but I love they come different shapes depending on which flavour they are.

Wednesday’s Run ViewIMG_5595

Barbell Deadlifts

I usually do kettlebell or dumbbell deadlifts, normally single leg versions though recently I’ve been doing barbell deadlifts to really hit the bum and hamstrings. I don’t lift heavy, but what I love about lifting weights sometime is the progress. 2 weeks of no barbell deadlifts, the previous weeks weight wasn’t enough this week, though I didn’t have time to put the weight up.

Internet Finds

Lot’s of BBC News as it’s been that kind week.

Song Of Style Fashion Week Diaries Vlogs. YouTube

Cancer nursing cat named Cat of the Year. BBC News

100 Women. I didn’t mean to plead guilty. BBC News Magazine

The surprising place where cash is going extinct. BBC Future

What to do with the growing numbers of abandoned pets in Madrid. El Pais

Snow Leopard off endangered list. BBC News. But is still at risk.

China’s Cliff Climbing Spider Woman. BBC News

Koala survives 16km ride on car axle in Adelaide Australia. BBC News

What’s been main you smile recently? Please share in the comments below!

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