Mini Monsoon Season

First impressions of Korean (original) BB cream. I’m pale, but those ladies must be really pale!

The medium shade I selected is about 7 shades lighter than my light (western) CC cream I’m currently using. But in a odd way it works. They don’t like shine either. I think in the past 3 days I’ve retouched my powder a total of about about 6 times, rather than the usual every hour. It hardly budged, clogged or streaked during workouts and a dip in the sea. Which is something of a miracle. My skin eats make up and it seems it’s met its match. But ask me again in a month when my skin’s developed a taste for it!

Summers monsoon season is nearly over! Yay! I’ve spent most of this holiday weekend and past few days dodging rain and misjudging beach clouds. Usually in August for a week it rains. Thunderstorms, big fat grey clouds, will it won’t it downpour showers with cooler temps, before hot blue skies return. I felt a little sorry for those that had the Holiday Saturday off.

Rain running TuesdayRain during beach run

Unlike the UK where you get bank/national holidays on the Monday off, in Spain and France it’s different. The holiday is on that day. On a Sunday? Christmas on a Saturday and Sunday? Well that’s tough luck (in the UK you get the following Monday and Tuesday off)! No extra day paid back in the week and few places are open. With the exception of tourist shops and coffee shops. Coffee shops always open.

Saturday I met my friend for a see you later coffee before she moves back to Germany this week. See you later as I’m sure it won’t be the last time we meet wearing the same colour top! Her oldest little one’s excited to be moving as their new place has a outdoor play area. Life’s great when you’re 3!

Anyways, I’ll leave you a few photos from the past few days. Zoo Friday, feeding pigeons Saturday, workouts and runs. Oh and Monday’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! Have a great week!


Those waves were great! Waves

Cheeky lemurs. I could watch these guys all day!Lemurs, Barcelona ZooLemur, Barcelona ZooThe heron that wants to be a penguin.
Penguins and a heronThose eyelashes!Elephant, Barcelona ZooSummer stormsSummer Storms


Roof top workout. I’ll be happy when 30 Spartan Race press up burpees sets are over!Roof top workoutStudying and feeding pigeons. I just made it back before it tipped it down all evening!Beach pigeons


12km run up the coast with some monkey bar play. No shredded hands! Yay! I’ve worked out how to avoid them. Don’t slide hands off the bars when finished. That way the skin doesn’t drag and shred! Still working on making muscle ups look kinda graceful. Ha!12km Sunday runWater off the pier. It was warm, but chilly with the breeze.Water off the pierDiesel celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day Monday. With a side of tummy rubs! Diesel, Black Cat Appreciation DayDo you have mini monsoon seasons during summer? Are you lucky to get weekend holidays ‘paid back’ in the week?



  1. says:

    Ah the UK bank holidays, a time for rest, relaxation, chores, gardening and….. Rain lol, let’s see how this one goes, I’m lucky to get an extra day in August so it makes for a short working week YAY! X hope you are keeping well and fit, by the look of your blog, you are 🙂 x

    1. says:

      Yay to shorter working weeks!
      I remember rainy bank holidays! They happen here too 😁

  2. says:

    i LOVE your close-up of the Elephant!!! I must have missed your post on the BB cream (summer here, and I’ve been enjoying what few beach days we get!), but I’m glad it works! Happy b-lated national black cat day!

    1. says:

      Those thick long eyelashes!

      Still to write a review in the BB cream. I couldn’t wait for my existing cream that’s nearly run out to run out. I mean, I’ve waited 2 years since they they arrived (western versions) in Europe to try the original 😉

  3. says:

    Glad to hear you tried out BB cream! And yes Koreans are really pale haha I asked my cousin to buy me a foundation I ran out of while she was there and they didn’t have my shade because it was too dark! Anyway it’d be interesting to see if you still enjoy it in a month like you said 🙂 also that picture of the lemur pressing on the glass is so cute haha and in Australia most of our public holidays are made up for on a weekday if they fall on a weekend. Hope you have a great week!

    1. says:

      Lemurs, I could watch all day! Too cute and cheeky!

      I’m mixing the BB cream with the CC cream. The colours better, but the coverage isn’t as good, but it’ll have to work until I run out and get the darker! I can’t believe how much it covers! You’re lucky growing up with them! Foundation and I have a rocky history.

      I thought Australia would be like the UK. It makes perfect sense to make holidays that fall in a weekend, during the week. Hope your week’s going ok!

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