Down to the Guidance Line

I like to at least once a week try out another Trainer’s workout. As a trainer it’s important to be aware of other styles and methods of workouts, to keep things fresh for clients and your/myself. All registered trainers have a time frame of two years, to attend various courses to obtain credit points, to maintain their trainer status. By doing other trainers workouts I get to see all these various training methods in play, different teaching styles and the obvious, new moves!


Today was my other trainer’s workout was Blurred Lines HIIT circuit and Beach Babe DVD 2 Sunkissed Abs circuit. The Blogilates was similar to my own preferred workout except with longer cardio and more reps. After 3 rounds I was drenched ( 3 x 1 minute sets of Surfer Jumps?!), smiling and have a new favourite move: Twisty Pop jump lunges! The Sunkissed Abs was a dynamic plank based abs routine that I also enjoyed. Definitely hit that post workout high!

Had a great evening run too. The sports shop in town was open and walked away with Ascis Gel Pulse 5 in pink and black and I think I’m in love! These are my second pair of Ascis. I purchased my first pair, GT1000 about four months ago and within 394km (according to Nike Plus) wore them down to the guidance line! As I’ve been running off road more I wanted a cross/multi terrain shoe. I took them for a 6km spin and could feel better traction on the road and dirt bits and could corner better around people and when slaloming around bollards. My feet didn’t slide around inside as much as GT1000’s and felt better supported. I had a nasty trip last week running and my ankle felt fine, so I believe they’re a keeper! The big test will be Sunday on my 10km road and off road run!

In addition to testing new trainers and workouts, I’m also trying to find dry cleaners that’s working this summer to get my duvet cleaned. The first one said, yes, €20, but not until September as they have too much work and the second, I hadn’t got past the door frame and she’s saying no more cleaning! Places slow down more than usual during summer in the South of France, so this is perfectly normal. I’ll keep a look out for more cleaners in the next few weeks to see if they’re prepared to clean it. I would machine wash it, however it’s too big for the machine’s drum!

My surprise from made up for this. With my last order, I was entitled to free travel sized samples of Macadamia Natural Oil. What with all the sunblock, salt water and sweat this summer, I’ll be looking forward to trying these out!


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