Its The Small Things.

I had a bit of a surprise yesterday as I went downstairs to collect parcels. The new lift was waiting to be installed! I’ve no idea how they managed to install it as the lift shaft is tiny. It was done by the end of the day. Monkey puzzle solved. One of the builders said, you won’t have to run up and down stairs with them soon! Me, Nah, I still will. I like stairs! I prefer stairs to lifts and he just laughs at the irony of it. I will use it if it’s ready before we move with the weekly Carrefour grocery shop. I won’t be missing farmer walks, up and down 5 flights! I also have a fear that my head will get caught in the doors and well, you can guess. Maybe I’ve watched one too many James Bond movies.

It’s the small things that count, the every little bit thing helps. 5 flights or 88 steps 3 times a day helps the booty. Parking away from the shops, walking to the local shop instead of driving. Little things that add up.IMG_6593

This afternoon I got to peek at the size of it. It’s tiny and I’m still taking the stairs. If it had been however installed last year when I injured my ankle, I would have put it to some serious use and maybe even recovered quicker. I would have been dancing every time I saw it! I used to dread walking up the stairs on bad days.

Do you take the lift or the stairs? If I can, I always take stairs and walk up and down escalators*. If I have the choice of stairs or escalators, I take the stairs, pick a person standing as a marker and try to beat them to the top. I get extra cardio and look like one tough chica in the process!

What are your every day, every little helps fitness secrets?


*Running up escalators going down is definitely a challenge, but if you can, it’s a great feeling reaching the top.







5 thoughts on “Its The Small Things.

    1. Me neither…I always walk up them too! I still don’t know why your posts aren’t coming up in my reader. It’s not like I don’t check daily!


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