I know Places They Don’t Know: Jardins del Viver de Can Borni

I’m beginning to think I’m starting to turn into my Dad and actively seek out quiet places to stop and breath for a moment. In the city, there are a few hidden places where for a moment you can catch quietness. On our run explore though Parc Collersola last Sunday, I think we stumbled across the ultimate secret garden: Jardins del Viver de Can Borni. Nestled in the park, it’s ironically located a 25 minute walk (15 minute run with those hills) from the tackiest, most bizarre amusement park, Tibidabo.

We had about 5km to go, but I think we both secretly welcomed a little break from running up hills, paused our run trackers and curiosity got the better of me. P wanted to continue running, but I said it looks small and thought when am I ever going to get the opportunity to visit it again or even find it again! I’m glad we stopped to explore as for a moment it was like stepping into a fairy tale. Originally a nursery supplying plants to the parks and gardens of Barcelona, resorted in 2006, it’s now a public garden once featured in the International Exhibition of 1929. It’s name Can Borni (housed eye) is taken from the old farmhouse still in the garden. Though it looked more like a shed. Just saying.

Filled with cherry blossom, springy grass, bee hives and a cascading, stepped waterway, I’ll let the photos work the park’s magic. IMG_7602


Jardins del viver de Can born

Jardins del viver de Can borni

Jardins del viver de Can bornJardins del viver de Can born

Do you find stillness in hustle or bustle or crave the sound of silence or just being able to listen the birds sing without the sound of cars?