Fairy Godmother Power

One of the greatest things about the internet is that I get to see places and people I’d only dream about! The nearest thing I had to the internet growing up was my Mum’s bookcase out the back full of books on Egyptians, plants, ancient wonders of the world, reference books, odd books she’d pick up at car boot sales or I could go to the library. Now I just go to safari, address bar, type what I want to find and Google finds it for me.

One book I didn’t have access to or find growing up was the girl manual: hair, make up, clothes. I had magazines for a while, but they got banned due to an article on the front cover. I was allowed to watch The Clothes Show, read it’s magazine and a few music magazines. That’s pretty much how girlie I got. I come from a family of ladies who never leave the house without their face or hair done. It’s ironic that it was assumed I’d know all this stuff! None of my friends were really into make-up, the ones that were, were more acquaintances. I was never remotely in with the popular girls, so I couldn’t ask them without reprisals. I used to wonder how they got their eyeliner so perfect! Even now I can’t get it like that!

When I started earning my own money, I asked at beauty counters and began reading magazines again. I needed a fairy godmother. I needed DIY manuals! I needed a tutorial! For some reason, I always felt I had to hide wearing make up at home. Maybe I didn’t want my Mum saying I looked nice or an innocent but completely misinterpreted comment from someone.

Shortly after moving to London, I discovered USA Glamour, Cosmo and Instyle magazines. I couldn’t believe how different they were to UK women’s magazines. They promoted women, didn’t put them down. They had stories of great amazing woman. Not, I lost 8kg and now women hate me. More importantly they had make up, hair and style tips. And they had empowerment.

Now I can find all this online in an instant. I don’t have to wait a month for the next issue. There are so many modern day fairy godmothers on line, teaching ladies that it’s okay to be a tomboy and wear make up, it’s okay to be feminine and be the boss. They give fitness tips and videos, make up tips, support, how to be, how to achieve. They do Youtube make up tutorials! Something a library book can’t always do. If I was 15 again, Michelle Phan would be my fairy godmother. She’s a big sister to so many women of all ages teaching them how to look and feel fantastic in their own skin.

Last night I came across an article on cnn.com about an amazing lady in Ghana, Grace Amey-Obeng who through skin care helps empower so many women to be more than they could ever dream. Her mission: to restore and enhance the natural beauty of black women. If you have 25 minutes and a cup of coffee, please read and watch her inspirational interview.

All ladies need a mentor, someone they aspire to, someone who inspires them, someone who makes them feel they can do anything. Fairy Godmothers.

Do you have a mentor, fairy godmother, an amazing lady who inspires you?




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