Moving house is a great excuse to declutter. I’m going by the rule, if I haven’t missed it, thought about or used it in over a year, it’s out. Well, I’m trying to stick the that rule. Sentiment gets in the way. I have been good in that I haven’t collected many ornaments and trinkets since our last big move 2 years ago. I can’t believe how much we’d acclimated on that move! It was slightly embarrassing how much 2 people and 2 cats can hoard have. This is the 4th move in 3 years and I said to myself on the 2nd one, I don’t want to keep moving with so much junk so have kept (Paul may disagree) acclimation low. We’ve still to start on the storage unit. *Gulp*

We should know next week at least which country we’ll be in. It all depends on developments this week. As it’ll be crazy, last minute when we do move, we’ve started packing and sorting out now. It’s liberating not being surrounded by so many things. I can breathe and think clearly. The room with all the boxes feels like it’s closing in. Evaluating sentimental value is work in progress. People have spend time and money choosing presents for me and it’s hard to let them go even if they’re not to my taste. I end up keeping them. Family heirlooms can be tricky. Fortunately most of the ladies in my family had great taste and I can use them today.

Aside from packing this week, I tested out my new workout mat. I’m fussy when it comes to workout mats and this one past. My last one was moving around a lot so I picked one up from Decathlon at the weekend when we went for a bicycle pannier. Like the last one, it’s for guaranteed 2 years of normal usage. Normal usage. The last one lasted just a year of workouts. Yoga practice has its own mat, a no longer produced $20 Lululemon mat. I’ve searched and searched for a similar one and come up empty handed. It’ll be a sad day when I have to replace it.IMG_7731

Monday afternoon we went for a much needed bike ride and stopped off to explore the rocks. The weather here is crazy. One day warm and sunny, the next grey and cloudy. Not that it bothers the cats. Sun spots are preferred for sleeping but any soft furnishing will do.


For some reason Tuesday, I didn’t enjoy my workout. Usually working out takes my mind off problems. Not today. You’d think I’d be a dab hand at packing and moving by now but there’s a lot that goes into it! Errands were made easier with my bikes new boot (trunk for non Brits). The osteopath last year banned me from rucksacks and with beach weather coming up, I wanted a rear pannier for my bag. I don’t know why I’ve never had one before! I’ve had front baskets in the past however they usually ended up being other peoples rubbish bins (a used nappy stands out in particular), that I stopped using them.


All the packing must be making me feel lighter not just mentally but physically. I ran a little later than planned this morning and caught the midday sun (something I’d never do from June-September). I’m not yet re-accustomed/re-climaitaised to the warmer weather and thought that I’d feel the heat and have a less than good run. I was wrong, it was a good run made easier with a breeze coming back!

7km through Port VaubanIMG_7873Walking back home. Another view I’ll miss.IMG_7885

 Do you feel better after decluttering? What are your declutter rules?



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