Another Week Another Adventure.

Six more weeks left of summer! Soon it’ll be hasta luego shorts and sandals and hola jeans, jackets and socks. That’ll be a sad day, but until then I’m making the most of the summer sun!

This week has been a little slow on the big adventure side but it has been a week of self discoveries and mini adventures. So without further ado:

My hibiscus has flowered all week. The flower shop said it was red, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a pinky red coral colour, which is one my favourite colours.



New week, new workouts. Today’s was a total body strength/HIIT circuit. Nothing like bunny hops to wake you up first thing!



While running errands I spotted this lost cat poster: If you’ve seen him, please contact his owners!


My evening run was 6km round the Cap d’Antibes. The air’s cooler at dusk, but it was still heavy heat. I was happy to see a few other girls running at that time too.




Another super hot day. These two didn’t where to settle. Apparently the sofa and my resistance band handle are good spots!

My workout was a total body strength circuit. Burpees, sumo press ups, resistance band rotations, side lunges, mountain climbers and plank jacks and sandbag squat presses featured.


I still had energy left over so in the afternoon I went trail biking in the park.

The park was a welcome relief from the heat and there were quite a few runners taking advantage of it. The cicadas are still out and and about as were the dragon flies who never stay still long enough for me to photo. They’re amazing bugs and so fast!

After all that biking a cold beer was in order…a cold ginger root beer!. I’ve never had one before and it was refreshing. The ginger kick seems to be in the aftertaste.


8km road/ off road run to start with box jumps and handstands afterwards. Even though it was cloudy, it was muggy all day…ergh!

IMG_6848Carrefour was a healthy food blogger delight as Masion jars were on offer. I don’t think we’ll be jumping on this wagon soon, as there’s not a week that doesn’t go by without me breaking something in the kitchen. With two cats, glass gets everywhere not matter how carefully you clean up and vet bills are expensive so I think we’ll give it a miss.



I also had a great yoga class with Tara Stiles and her This Is Yoga 3 DVD Energy Flow in the evening.


Woke to rain! That made my workout a little easier. Total body strength circuit again with focus on the lats. I’ve been hitting these more since I’ve made it my mission to handstand as they help build strength to hold handstands. The green cloths are what I use for slides and plank slide exercises.


As it’s still the summer holidays, I’m taking advantage of my free time. After a siesta at the beach and feeding the pigeons, I went trail biking again! I usually go once a week but I need some peace and quite to disconnect for a while. I was proud that I went around twice without stopping or putting a foot down!

I spotted these near the end of my ride. I see Medusa or a Narnia world frozen slowly moving into the field! What do you see?






Tone It Up HIIT The Beach 2 routine from their Beach Babe DVD 2. A light workout as I was feeling Thursdays trail biking in my shoulders. When cycling on flat surfaces it’s mostly legs. Up and down hills and trails requires upper body strength to pull the bike up as you pedal and to stop you stopping, sliding down or falling over!



Saturday I was meeting friends who I haven’t seen in a while. To make up for not seeing them and them helping me out every now and then, I made them some bracelets. Tip: don’t bead while you have sore shoulders that are screaming at you!

IMG_6944The rest of the day was paperwork, tidying up and a sneaky siesta at the beach (I’ll have to pay back this free time at some point!) with a 6km run around the Cap d’Antibes. My pace was faster than I though as my legs were now feeling the trail biking! Foam rolling was much needed!

IMG_6952 IMG_6956


Even though it was a sporty week, I still had some glam. Mostly with my bracelets. Always have to have some sparkle somewhere! Though I’m not sure who else goes trail biking in denim shorts!

(Note: I have more than one grey top!)

And that was my week! If you’re still reading thank you. I won’t leave it so long next time! I hope you had a great week too.

How do you disconnect and think? Do you run, bake, hit the gym or just chill out?








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