It’s Good To Talk And It’s Good To Run!

Saturday started with a total body strength/HIIT combo circuit, alternating between upper and lower body compound moves, with a plank and side plank based abs circuit to finish. Then it was a mad rush to get things done before meeting a friend later.


My friend’s nearly always travelling so it was good to catch up with her. I’m hoping we can see more of each other before she moves back to Vietnam later this year. It’s good to talk! As it was hot we decided on a juice rather than coffee or ice cream. We both had a Topic (French for Topical) juice of orange, mango, pineapple and passion fruit. It was refreshing but a little too sour for me. Oh and she liked her bracelets!

I also received in my order Korres Quercetin and Oak Antiageing and Antiwrinkle cream for those not so fine lines! I have a few of their products and am curious to see if this works.


The afternoon was spent at the beach which probably wasn’t a good idea as when I got back a migraine hit behind my right eye. Maybe I didn’t have enough water out, just tired, too much sun or less coffee than usual. I did some yoga to try to reduce the pressure, made sure I ate something and got to bed as soon as I could. My boyfriend’s still working long hours, so no sympathy hugs for me!

I had 10km run planned for Sunday and I was determined headache or no headache to run. The pain had eased up, so I chanced a coffee and set off. The only thing that hurt were my glutes from Saturday’s workout….ha! My head was fine afterwards.




I also hit 4000km with 541 runs with Nike Plus since 2011! It’s actually more than this as there was period when the old Nike trainer sensor and my nano died.


The beach was busy, so I’m glad my headache had disappeared by the time I got there! The sea was a little choppy which made my dip a little more fun. Who else remembers getting excited when they used to switch on the wave machine at the swimming pool? It’s surreal, when thinking about it as you’re treading water in the sea!

Sunday evening was snack prepping for the week. This weeks snacks are Tone It Up’s Carrot Coconut Muffins and pre workout Banana and Oats cookies. I don’t think the cats liked the extra heat from the oven and stayed out on the balcony for a while. 

I hope your weekend was good or relaxing, whatever you made it to be! It was good to see my friend and I’m looking forward to when my boyfriend’s hours ease up for some big adventures. Just six more weeks to go!

How to you get rid of headaches? Do you hold out for as long as you can before taking a pain killer or just ride them out?


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    I hate taking pain killers, or any other pills. Fortunately, I don’t have a headache so often. But when I do (especially when the weather is going crazy) I drink a few cups of coffee and eat a bar of chocolate. Then, usually everything goes back to normal again.

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      I find that a peanut butter wholewheat toasted muffin helps when they get really bad and pressing my thumb in my inner eye socket…elegant no?! Coffee sometimes helps, but then sometimes it makes it worse! Pain killer are the last resort with me…I prefer to ride them out like you!

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