February and March Beauty Finds

Beauty Finds is back! 

As always I have 3 requirements when it comes to cosmetics and skin care. 1, No animal testing. While animal testing on cosmetics is banned in the European Union, India, New Zealand, South Korea (by 2018), Taiwan (by 2019) and Switzerland, many other countries it still goes on such as China. All foreign cosmetics physically sold in China excluding those sold physically in Hong Kong, are subjected to 3rd party testing. Therefore a brand can claim they don’t, but if their products are physically sold in China they do. Until the law changes those brands are a no for me. 2, I prefer more natural products, no nasty ingredients like SLS, parabens, petroleum etc (some derivatives I allow if low on ewg.com toxicity levels) etc. No palm oil as I like orangutans more. 3, No animal ingredients aside from bees wax and honey which I eat. My love affair with Korean skincare and cosmetics is still going strong. They’ve greatly helped improve my skin along with cutting out coffee and staying away from processed sugar as much as I can. Oreo’s happen every now and then, that’s life. My skin’s oily combo, acne prone.

Anyways, the hits and misses of February and March Beauty Finds in May as I like to see how products works after a good few weeks of use.

Tarte, Tartelette In Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette 

First up this palette smells divine. A yummy chocolatey Nesquik powder scent thanks to some shades containing vanilla. Tarte’s only available online in Spain via amazon.co.uk and qvc.co.uk (For now. Brexit might change everything as Spain doesn’t allow the import of cosmetics). I was prepared to purchase it from QVC when P was in the US for work, so obviously it got added to the shopping list! 

In terms of pigmentation I love it. I find oily skin even with a eyeshadow primer can eat eyeshadow, so I need a shadow with good pigmentation. The formula’s smooth and creamy, the 12 shades can be natural or intense, are easy to blend, 9 shades are matte, 3 shimmery ranging from cream, champagne, taupe to bronzes, browns and deep black brown. I mainly stick with the 6 lighter shades and yet to play with the 3 darker ones. For the price compared to other palettes I think it’s great value for money because it it’s versatility you out of it. The only issue is when I run out of my day to day base colour Charmer! 

Aromatica Argan Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream, Dry and Sensitive Skin 

I’ve noticed a difference with those pesky eye fine lines wrinkles since I’ve started using this. At night I use my own DIY eye oil and this one during the day as it sits better under makeup. I found with the eye oil if it had few hours to since in before applying eye make up it’s fine. Days when I have to be up and out it doesn’t cooperate with eyeshadow, so I use a store purchased eye cream. 

Aromatics’s one of my favourite Korean skincare brands. Many of their products are vegan and Eco Cert and I love how hydrating, smoothing and anti ageing combating this eye cream is. I know nothing will stop wrinkles from appearing, but I can give mother nature a run for her money! It’s creamy texture’s easily absorbed, works well under concealer and the perhaps the best bit, I no longer get recommend eye creams by sales assistants! It’s that hydrating all day! I’ve found with some eye creams at the end of the day with make up (I know the concealer and bb cream/foundation formula can play a part) can look tired and need a touch up of eye cream. With this one I haven’t had a need to touch up and refresh under my eye it hydrates nearly all day. It also sits fine on the lids under eyeshadow and I also apply it around my lips and on the puppet lines or nasolabial lines as recommended. To be honest however I’ve noticed most change with the latter with face yoga. The only con is towards the end of the tube it’s hard to control the quantity squeezed out resulting in more than you need, but the tube is more hygienic than a pot. It’s a little on the expensive side, but I think it’s worth it.

Dear Klairs Pore Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap

I’ve used a few Dear Klairs products in the past and have like them. When I saw Miin now stocks oil based soap cleansers I was yay, reduced plastic! Charcoal is great for cleansing pores and helping keep oily skin in check however sadly this particular charcoal soap was too much for my skin. It left it feeling dry and tight with a few days later some peeling on my nose meaning it had stripped all the natural oil out. I switched back to my regular oil/1st step oil cleanser with my skin returning to back happy. Plus it leaves black residue in the sink and on the shower floor, which is a bugger to remove unless you clean your bathroom everyday which I don’t.

Pacifica Natural Minerals Aquarium Gaze, Water Resistant Long Lash Mascara

Yay, a vegan mascara! If you want natural looking lashes this is the one for you. Sadly I reacted to it and had to stop using it.

Sally’s Box, Aqua Skin Solution Mask, BHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Bifida Sheet Masks

Out of the 3 of these sheet masks purchased from Miin it’s no surprise the Aqua Skin Solution Mask BHA is the one I liked the most as my toner’s AHA BHA. My skin feels hydrated afterwards, looks fresher, more awake, feels silky soft with those pesky forehead lines soothed out. Most of the ingredients are natural, however it does contain butylene glycol, a petroleum derivative I allow as it’s listed low toxicity level on ewg.com. It tears easily either side of the nose bridge for snugger fit and normally stays put when tucked under the chin! The only cons are that it comes with way too much serum that I end up applying more on the mask once it’s on, neck and décolletage and there’s normally a lot of serum to pat in after 20 minutes. That aside, it’s become one of my favourites I buy quite frequently. 

The hyaluronic acid mask recommended for normal to dry skin didn’t do anything for me. I love their Loverecipe peach mask with hyaluronic acid and love the results so I was kinds surprised it didn’t do much. The bifida mask for revitalising fatigue or distressed skin I found equally didn’t do anything so maybe all my other lotions and potions are working!

What are your current favourite beauty finds? Have you tired any of this months products? Let me know below!

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