Weekend Catch Up and Randomness

Happy Wednesday!

If there’s one thing I learnt this past weekend there’s a reason why there are stylists. What might work and look good in the mirror when translated to a photo can leave you feeling WTF was I thinking. That was my outfit pick Sunday. My excuse it was a shower and go after a run with transport a motorbike. I need Cher’s infamous Clueless wardrobe  when a girl needs a little styling magic!

I hope you’re having a great week so far! I swear if it wasn’t for photos I wouldn’t always remember what I did somedays. It’s a amazing how one photo even a mundane one just taken to remember what to buy, can trigger memories even if those memories are a few days old. Which has me thinking about memories and remembering mundane things. Maybe as we do them so regularly and become the norm we go onto auto pilot when it comes to remembering what we did without making any special notes. Maybe our brain files them under not worth making memory space for. When shown a photo or another trigger however everything comes flooding back like an iPhone Recently Deleted Photos recovery album. It would be great if it worked with exams or maths exams. A word that could trigger the answer. I only just scraped a maths pass at high school. Maybe my brain filed maths under Yes, can work it out, No, no chance. For the record I’ve got better at maths since and find visualising discounts, fractions, adding and subtracting helps or working things out in relation to 1-10 then adding all the zeros. And maybe having an calculator always at hand with my phone helps. Who knows, maybe there’s 3rd file, she can with help file 229X39325C.

Anyways this past weekend adventures with the usual photo overload.


Mini sand cliffs running

Always my intention is to be up early for an early run. My intentions are there, in reality they’re in another universe. When I did get to run thankfully a cool breeze was around to help beat the lunchtime sun. All intentions to sneak of to the beach for a 30 minute sun siesta were again just whispers in the wind. We ended up going for a short ride along the beaches before cycling to La Maqinista centre commerical. The light threw me as I’m always use to it being dark there when I go and it’s still light around 9pm, which is fine by me. I’ve noticed the past few seasons how quickly the days got dark then started to get light again. I’ve never really noticed how quickly and it’s amazing how quickly the daylight grows or shortens.

Open air concert sitting at Port Olympic Cycling to La Maquinista 


The plan was to have a day each to ourselves which didn’t pan out. Most of the day was taken up with chores, I don’t consider cleaning the bathrooms time to myself!, Tone It Up workouts because it’s Saturday (my own workouts during the week), blog work, a little sun siesta at the beach and of course the zoo! Saturday’s are family discount zoo days and recently when I’ve been on a Saturday it’s packed. Maybe everybody was at the beach as the amount of visitors was half a normal Saturday of late. Which was absolutely fine with me. Some areas it felt like I had the whole place to myself. One giant tropical garden just for me. 

When I got back, both cats had their own issues with their current problems. Diesel wouldn’t settle until throwing up twice and AJ tired to cure his arthritis pain by licking away all the fur in a patch his leg until raw. I bandaged it up and apart from trying to remove it initially, he left it alone shaking his leg like he peed on it walking. They’ve both since been to the vets and everything is waiting on blood results and consultations. One thing’s for sure, they like keeping me on my toes.


I’m hoping I feel as strong and have as much energy as I did running and on the monkey bars for this up and coming Sunday, my 3rd Spartan Race and 2nd Spartan Super! Which I’m hoping gets my mojo back for the Beast again.

As soon as I got back I had enough time to jump in the shower before leaving for the Marimuartra Jardi Botanic in Blanes. I’ve been wanting to go for over a year since first noticing the gardens riding past on the motorbike to Cala Francesc but we’ve never left within time to make it. I’m so glad we made the effort as I’ve never been to botanical gardens so beautiful or magical. I’ll be posting a separate post just for the gardens as I was so captivated by its spell I didn’t want to leave.

No, I didn’t wear shorts on the bike, I wore leggings and changed in the garden’s bathrooms which makes a change from changing inconspicuously in a carpark, my hair mess thanks to the helmet and wind, am in need Cher Horowitz’s wardrobe match, but hey, I was happy!  

It was still warm when we left afterwards so there was only one place to go, the beach! We headed to Cala Francesc to catch the last of the rays before the sun disappeared over the trees nestled above the cove before heading back. The combination of wind, viaducts and the motorbike had me feeling in some parts like Stretch Armstrong. My head with additional weight of the helmet being pulled in one direction with while my body was in another clinging onto the bike. 

How do you remember the day to day, mundane things? Not making do to lists, more what did you do? Or just forget them? Have a great rest of the week!


  1. says:

    I think I basically forget most of my days, as I don’t really do anything remarkable xD

    1. says:

      I’m the same! Some days no photos 😱 Plus I have my routine and that for weeks doesn’t change!

  2. says:

    I think it is always a blessing when one can forgo the toilet scrubbing and enjoy some leisure time.
    I love your cute outfit!

    1. says:

      I know! Bathrooms were done this week on their usual Thursday, so no scrubbing toilets this weekend. Only scooping cat poo 😹
      Thank you for outfit like. I wanted a particular shot with the kimono and wasn’t feeling a v neck which would have been better.
      Wishing you a toilet scrubbing free weekend!

      1. says:

        I love the kimono! Unfortunately I’ll be scrubbing tomorrow 😩🚽

      2. says:

        Nooo! I hope they were a speedy clean. Some weeks I can get them done and dusted. Others they need a bigger clean.

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