September 2022. Part 1

Can you believe tomorrow is the first of February?! Already 1 month into a new year.

September was moody last year. By the time I got to the beach the clouds had arrived, the sun setting within 30 minutes as the days got shorter. The sea was getting rougher as change of season winds started appearing. Quite a few days I couldn’t sea anything snorkelling or it was fully of trash. Plastic waste, floating debris, bamboo sticks with jellyfish hiding amongst ready to sting if you got in their way. That didn’t stop me going in!

Nearly full Harvest moon watching.

To be honest I don’t actually know where September went. Mostly in a rush to finish everything to get to the beach. It felt like I was just going through the motions, not actually enjoying or taking in what I was seeing no matter how I tired to switch things up.

Anyway a little photo catch of September…

The Dino Expo XXL arrived back in town. I wanted to go, had until the end of November and still didn’t go!

Koa has a thing for sinks. At the moment she’ll sit watch the water run while I wash my face and sit in it while I do my skincare.

Learning to walk with a harness and lead. The idea was to get her used to the lead to go outside. We manage the communal corridor in the evenings. The lift scares her (vets) and when I thought it would be quiet in the lobby, people appear from everywhere and it’s too much for her.

Usually it was sunny until later afternoon/early evening when clouds came.

The resident solitary damselfish/Chromis chromis!

This little one I only saw a few times and I think is a female peacock wrasse/Symphodus tinca.

The best image I could get of a Tompot blenny/Parablennius gattorugine. It’s antler style tentacles are so cute! The fish ID book I use says Tompot blennies can easily be approached. I found them to be quite shy.

A type of blenny I only saw on one snorkel. The water was choppy and every time I went to refocus it had moved on.

Magical water refraction rainbows and a striped red mullet/Mullus surmuletus and a female rainbow wrasse/Coris julis.

Red panda at Barcelona Zoo. I don’t see them out much when I go. They look so huggable and would probably rip your face off if you tried.

This will sound crazy, I never really think aside from cherry blossom, trees have flowers so big and pretty. I’m conditioned to garden to flowers not tree flowers. These were so vibrant as I cycled past.

Watching the sunrise cars, cyclists and scooters.

At last, biodegradable non organic food packaging in a major supermarket and one of my favourites grape varieties in season!

Via Laietana

Baby saddled sea bream/Olbada melanura cloud.

Tiny fraction of plastic sea waste. One day it’s there, the next the sea takes it away unless the waves are strong, she dumps it back.

Inside of a Pringles container.

Handsome boy. Male peacock, Barcelona Zoo

Sunrise sea

Prairie dog pups cooling off. Barcelona Zoo

Swimming turban. I left it on chairs by the showers.

Heavy firework arsenal on one run.

Once you start… still fed the ducks a few times a week with leftover bread.

One day it’s there…

The next, gone. A fire broke out a in this restaurant few years ago and had been empty ever since. I think quite a few people were sad as it was cool landmark with fairy lights stretching to a nearby by footbridge.

The brooms puzzled me for a while. Why would brooms be locked at an outdoor event holding space. I think it’s for curling teams to remove debris before practice. Or at least that’s what my eyes see when I’ve some sort of curling sport practice since cycling past!

Thank you for making it this far! September 2022 Part 2 to come!

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