August’s Here

I’m happy sad August’s here. Happy the heat’s set in, days are sunny, the sea’s warm enough to cool off in. Sad, after being away on holiday vacay, yes I got away only as the cats with their multiple medicine came too, I’ve really noticed the days getting shorter. 

Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach⁩, ⁨Calpe⁩, ⁨Spain⁩

We stayed in Spain along the Costa Blanca where the sun rose a little later than Barcelona yet set later. Noting sunset’s time checking the weather app then cycling back at dusk, the sun now sets what seems like 30 minutes earlier than it did before going away. Likewise sunrise’s 40 minutes later, that just as Summer’s set in, it’ll be Autumn Fall before I know it. 

‎⁨La Granadella⁩, ⁨Valencia⁩, ⁨Spain⁩

I’ll be posting vacay photos a little later and in the mean time I’ll leave you with some pre holiday vacay catch up. You know the drill, zoo photos, cat updates, mini adventures. 

D had to spend 24 hours in vet hospital. His hyperthyroidism got so bad he developed extreme diarrhoea and vomiting. 3 consecutive vet trips in one week and he’s doing better. He was put on fluids, the idea to have some time out. Aj his brother and I got some time out too. He apparently kept all the other patients up meowing constantly stressing them out, so they were happy to see him go. He’s never meowed a proper cat meow in his life. Neither has his brother but D’s meow is more of a wail. Add thyroid meows he gets a little too much like a kid whinging. It’s how he is with maybe some Siamese great great great great grandparents. He has some of the cutest merrurs, purrows and loves loves to talk everyday letting me know what he thinks of things. He’s been a lot calmer since and acted like it never happened from the moment he returned from the vets. 

AJ’s been getting regular baths or rather showers every 10-14 days. He started a few months ago excessively licking his sides to the point it was thinning. Then just like last year around June he developed random bald spots. Last year he licked off all the hair on his back legs. This time it was 2 random patches around his neck. The vet suggested cream. I was no! I gave him a bath which calmed it for a while so I’m happy to continue bathing him every 2 weeks to ease his allergies. Luckily it’s AJ who’s quite laid back and chill. If it was D you need 2 humans wearing chain mail. I swear the 1st time I applied the shampoo, I felt him momentarily relax it was no longer itchy. He doesn’t like the water much, loves the shampooing and towelling. To escape he climbs into the litter box only to realise that pretending to pee won’t get him out of it. The bald patches have grown back and the thinning fur’s almost back to normal. They’re also on new food. Home made food as per the vet’s recommendation. Except they don’t really like it leaving about 1/4 of what I put out. Plus each batch takes about from start to finish 1 hour 20 minutes including cleaning I’ve had to find twice a week. It’ll be more if they were on the recommended amount. I give them less as they don’t eat it and they still leave some of what I do give. So that’s where blogging time’s gone.

Cormorants sunning out running. I don’t see these guys often so when I do, I feel lucky to have.

Climbing I’m slowly getting better. Some classes and after classes I forget how I did routes the week before or even 3 minutes before. The next class I’m the opposite. My palms and fingers have callouses in places you wouldn’t expect. Oh and I’m allergic to chalk. A month after I started back in February I developed eczema on my neck. Google and the Pharmacy said it’s contact dermatitis or allergy eczema. After eliminating soaps, the only thing I can think of is the chalk. It comes and goes in different locations on my neck and chest. I’ve started using Yu-Be a Japanese extreme hydration cream for dry skin I had floating around in my skin care drawer for ages which was the on thing helping it heal up along with calendula oil. The receptionist where I climb asked if I’m going to stop climbing because of it. Nope! August means a break in classes but I’m still going, trying to get there when it’s quieter. I get self conscious as I’m only a beginner and also I don’t want to return in September and be weak again. 

I completed Tone It Up Bikini Series 2018. I skipped the daily moves option and preferring the daily scheduled class. My own workouts later (I know, their 6 week Summer Tone Up they’ve got now I’m careful or being more careful not to burn myself out) I’ve cut down and am much happier spending less time in the gym. Running trying to beat the heat to avoid melting which I do anyway, I’m running shorter distances until it’s cooler.

And zoo photos. Much of the past few weeks has been trying to make places on time so not many out and about photos.

This guy was fanning their wings to kept coolI see you All the flamingo chicks are hatched. Some about 1 month later than others. It’s amazing to see how quickly they’ve grown compared to the hatchlings. On holiday I got to see them in the wild! Perhaps one of the cutest new zoo residents.DSCF3800

How’s your August going? As always coming back from a break you’re filled with ideas so my schedule needs an overhaul. Does anyone else from time away also want to sort out the house? For me it’s not being surround by so many things is liberating in it’s own way?


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  2. says:

    Those beaches look amazing!! I hope next year I can spend the summer in Spain with the little one.

    I know the baths are for a bad reason but AJ looks so cute all wet hahaha.

    1. says:

      They were! I hope you can too. We stayed a little up from your province in Valencia. It was too far to take the cats further south. Aj does look cute all wet. As I’m the mean mama he’s too cute all wet not to take photos 🙂

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