Weekend Friday Favourites. 

I can’t believe in just over 5 weeks Summers officially over. I got my fingers crossed for an Indian Summer. It’s hot, but I always seem to miss the sun late afternoon when the clouds come. I don’t mind, but it ain’t the best beach weather. My schedule needs a big overhall if I want to enjoy some sunny beach time!

Sunny skies Tuesday run view. Sunny skies, Tuesday Run view

Why so obsessed about the beach? I don’t like tan lines! I’ve only just more or less evened out my cropped leggings/dark sock line from running and cycling to the gym in the Spring. Now thanks to cycling, I have a shorts line. Throw in some vitiligo, hands, knees and shins that tan less I must resemble patchwork doll! I use spf 50 and I’m hesitant to use fake tan as it never looks right.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that’ve been making me smile this week or caught my eye!

Tiger tiestiger sealing strips

Tiger is a shop filled with everything you didn’t know you needed until you saw it like these freezer sandwich bags ties. Usually I just tie a knot with the bread bag, but these have been keeping the bread fresh for longer. Diesel also thinks they’re great cat toys.

Accessorize BraceletsAccessorize bracelets

Towards the end of summer I start to wear more black tops. Usually because no matter how much care I take to keep white white, pinks pink etc sunblock stains, the sun fades when drying and black’s just easier. These provide very much needed pops of colour against the black.


My guilty summer treats as they’re a little pricey, but taste so good! Love love mangos! I’m especially enjoying my mango and orange ice lollies/popsicles. I cheat however with them as I buy the juice to freeze!


I found out Friday, there’s a shop in Barcelona selling Korean makeup and skin care! There may have been a high pitched squeal when I found out  which I’m not going to apologise for. Excited yes. More than excited yes. I’m gonna have to keep my cool when I make a visit this weekend!

Burpee Tuck JumpsBurpee.Tuck jump

With a press up. I worked up to these this week. 3 x 10: 1st set no push up, 2nd set 1/2 and 1/2, 3rd with a push up. I could just catch my breath on the last set. Fun but intense, work just about everything and a great quick cardio blast! 4th exercise here!

Baby Zebra in that golden hour lightBaby Zebra Barcelona zoo

There’s a new baby zebra at the zoo!


Why the sea’s salty! It’s not because of fish pee! Can fish even pee? That’s a Google question!

Plastic in our food? I knew plastic got in our water systems from cleaning and skin care products, but I didn’t know it was this bad from washing clothes or we consumed that much.

Every dog person dog needs a summer pool!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Burpee Tuck Jumps pic taken from Google images


  1. says:

    Wow those sandwich bag ties sounds so useful! Can’t believe I never heard of them until now. And yay you found a Korean beauty store, I can’t wait to see what you end up with 🙂 Also mangos are the best, aren’t they? Hope you have a great week ahead Nat!

    1. says:

      Tiger has so many things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them! Like a bird shaped hand held spatula and those ties.

      I had fun in the Korean beauty store. I was surprised the prices weren’t that expensive. About as much as in Sephora! The best bit was finding original (as in from Korea) BB cream! I can’t wait to use it! Have a great week too 🙂

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