Mistaken Chips

I felt a little stupid at the vets this morning. Diesels lump turned out to be his chip. Yes, the ‘lump’ I found a week after his vaccinations 3 months ago, is his chip. How could you mistake his chip for a lump? Easy, it moved and when I called the vet to explain, they forgot to think of a chip. The little sh*t had me concerned for nothing.Chicken coma belly DieselHis brother’s got me measuring how much water their drinking over the next few days and also’s been working the chicken scam. Over the weekend I noticed he wasn’t eating much. To entice him to eat I took some chicken out to defrost. The little bugger an hour later throws up a mouse sized hair ball and starts eating. They got the chicken as I couldn’t refreeze it. They’ve have spent the last 2 days in a chicken coma with their little bellies hanging out keeping cool.

Popular hang out spot. Aj working that chicken bellyAjMy outdoor fitness course codes have arrived, so I have no excuses to start studying! Every 2 years as part of being a UK REPs trainer I need to obtain 20 CDP (continued development points) to keep my title. I was initially going with pre/post natal fitness as the final assessment was distance learning. This year I didn’t want to travel back to the UK for 2-3 courses due to travel costs. After speaking with a Focus Training advisor, I found out my 1st choice outdoor fitness can be assessed via video. No travelling! Yay!  I’m training more clients outside and while I know how to use resistance bands, TRX etc, I want to hold a certificate in them, which the outdoor training provides. The pre/post natal fitness course I can do later!

I’m now trying to come up with a study schedule. I would pick one of my favourite months to be outside to study, however my REPs membership is up for renewal in September, which pushed my hand to study. August’s national holiday month, so I have more ‘free time’. The trouble is I have 2 speeds. All out, not much down time and crashed out zzzz, nothing gets done! The busier I get, the more I’m beginning to realise down time is important to keep me sane.

I have Kathryn Budig to thank for that. If you ever take her Yogaglo classes she mentions a lot if you’re always on the go, skipping more restorative hatha style yoga, little rest, you can’t substain. Or something like that. She has a way with making words stick.

While I go at the moment to the beach for sun siestas, they’re not always ‘rest’. I get distracted with my phone, sometimes they’re quick pit stop. At night I sit, but I go through Instagram. Which could be seen as rest, but it’s not. It’s pressure at times, I’m not doing yoga unless I’m headstanding, I should be doing this exercise, I’m not running enough. I follow more landscape and animal photographers I think for a reason. And it’s not always productive time.August Beaches

Which brings me back to yoga. The past few months I haven’t been getting in as much practice as I’d like. I set aside an hour a few days a week with Yogaglo. An hour becomes 45mins, 30 mins, 20mims, do it when I get back, but don’t as I crash. My shoulders and happy Nat haven’t been thanking me for this. Neither has the thought of not using the subscription charge. Yogaglo classes are the only time, I get to switch off aside from the zoo and Netflix marathons. I follow along, I don’t think of much else. I didn’t plan the class, I can concentrate, what I learn transfers to other areas of fitness and life. Fortunately Yogaglo offers a variety of class durations, so I can fit it in. I have to make the effort. And sort out my never ending sleep schedule balance!

Spider monkey bound angle buddha konasana pose. I’ve been wanting an excuse to use this photo!Spider monkey bound angle buddha konasana pose Barcelona Zoo

Which brings me to the magazine shop. A lot of commented you prefer paper magazines to digital versions. I prefer paper magazines too. They make you sit. However I’m sucked in saving trees and paying less. My phone took over my iPad aside from my Mac as my main Internet. A lot of time gets wasted. My phone’s easy to pick up and get lost in! My iPad is now my magazine with Zinio. I hoping to make more magazine switch off time catching up on 7 months unread magazines. Yes, 7 months! They’re not lying around to pick up! Then there’s I paid for the subscription but not using it factor which bugs me.

So if you have any scheduling tips that work, please share! Meal prep in advance, packing my gym bag the night before I know help and 10 minute daily tidy ups help keep the place looking reasonably tidy. Though I feeling a big tidy up coming before I get studying and less Instagram. Did I say I get distracted easily!


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    Oh I’m so glad he’s okay! And I wish you all the best in your courses! I’ve always found that getting “obligations” (i.e. courses) out of the way first thing in the morning works best for me. But I’m also a morning person. 🙂

    1. says:

      Me too!

      I find ‘obligations’ are best done first thing along with everything else! It’s a never ending vicious circle with me and there’s always something last minute that changes plans!

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    Chips move? That’s scary because most cat owners would be alarmed to feel a lump and not think chip.
    I got nothing for ya. I get distracted at the drop of a hat! I find prayer and meditation help my crazy brain relax. If only for a wee bit. Good luck 😘

    1. says:

      I didn’t know they moved. They’re put in the subcutaneous fat, so they can move. My vet said some even work their way to the from of the neck!

      I just to get my sleep schedule sorted out and stop the evening naps and eat more so I don’t crash. I know the problem, fixing it’s tricky and I’m stuck in a rut and a vicious circle I’m trying to get out of. I need a reset button 🙂

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