The Case Of The Orangutans and Gibbons

My usual weekend trip the zoo recently left me feeling in awe, sad and amazed how animals communicate with each other. If anything it showed me animals have compassion. I know not every animal might have compassion or feelings. A spider or scorpion never would I have them down for emotions! Mammals and bees yes!It’s easy to see why apes and monkeys see smiles as threats. Maybe that’s why human’s evolutional smile is to be seen as not a threat?

One gibbon who caught my eye initially before I heard the screams did nothing. He was staying out of it. The other came running out to try as if to try to break it up. Half way he paused to look back at the Mum, look at the 2 fighting before approaching the 2 fighting keeping a safe distance where he could launch attacked from. Except he kept attacking the on that was being attacked! He kept his distance lunging in every now and then looking back at the mum. The little girl got a break and ran in with the boy hot on her heels. I thought Mama’s got her back now. However as I made my way around the other orangutan enclosure, as they’re smaller she must have run into the smaller day enclosure to get away and he followed with the gibbons still trying to help, with Mum still not being able to follow. There was nothing I could do and had to let nature do her thing knowing the keepers would be there very shortly to start the night routine

These are 2 great apes from 2 different parts of the world helping each other. Maybe us humans could learn a thing or 2 from them. Or I could have it completely wrong and the gibbons wanted in or vent some anger!

Apologies the photos aren’t the best. There wasn’t time to play around with settings!

Not getting involved Ouch!To the rescue!Lemme through! Door’s too small! Whaaaat? Just playin’Grrrr…

What’s your view on animal compassion between animals? I believe all animals have the capacity for it. Most probably don’t show it due to prey/predator, competition for food. I have noticed however the herbivores are generally show a little more compassion between them: elephants, sheep etc.

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