Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I’m a little behind with this months Weekly Photo Challenges. Travel, limited internet access, new iPhoto library update giving me little headaches. I can no longer drag photos across to WordPress. I have to to the old fashioned way of selecting files and as my photo library is completely disorganised, finding a photo I have only an idea where it is, erm, I’m not the most patience person waiting!

My picks for Motion week are mostly birds. I love taking photos of birds in flight. Most of the time they’re a blur, but sometimes I’m quick enough! Enjoy!

Pigeons, Proctector de Barcelona (animal shelter), 2011

Pigeons, Barcelona

The pigeons used to gather around feeding time for any left over pienso. Most of the volunteers gave them a share anyway.

Seagull, Moncao, 2012

Seagull. Monaco

This guy or gal let me get close enough for a few shots while surveying the port before taking off!

Seagulls and Herons, Barcelona Zoo, 2015

Seagulls and Herons, Barcelona, ZooSeagull and herons, Barcelona Zoo

Around sunset seagulls and herons (the zoo has the largest urban heron colony in Europe) gather for a bath, raid bins and wait for keepers to throw left over fish near the penguin and warthog enclosures.

Koi Carp, Barcelona Zoo, 2015Koi Carp, Barcelona Zoo

These guys are quite mesmerising swimming peacefully around!

Motion Weekly Photo Challenge Motion.

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