Weekend Friday Favourites

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week. It should be a Friday post, but things happen like migraines. Ones you just want to stick your head in the a freezer, lie down in a dark room for 20 minutes and wake up 9 hours later. Things happen like, Friday I managed to short circuit the kitchen plugs with the blender. The microwave circuited too. My first thought wasn’t the almond milk. It was please just have tripped and not blown. I can’t be dealing with cooking porridge on the hob. The pan takes forever to clean. I have my prorites straight! Never mind a blown fuse box. Monday I tired to run circles around Monday, but Monday won. Monday and Tuesday clearing up cat sick and diarrhoea. Tuesday my birthday and I cooked chicken for the first time years to stop cat sick and diarrhoea. Buying the chicken all I could see was dead muscle and boy, it’s expensive! But Mr AJ’s, Mr Aj. It’s a dilemma vegan cat parents face.

Pienso, kibble, crunch whatever you call it contains meat but it’s the same and not the same. It’s like going to a benefit to raise money for animal shelters or charities and eating hog roast. As the last time the cats needed chicken was a few years ago, I had to google how to boil chicken. Double check heat water and chicken together. D was shut in a room while it cooked. He can be quite the drama queen meowing while chicken’s cooking. He goes crazy for it and I have to constantly watch he doesn’t cook a paw watching it cook. No, I wasn’t tempted to try some. I thought about what it would taste like but no inclination. Wednesday can’t remember. Thursday training in the park with client and feeling like a spare wheel. Sometimes when I say hello and chat with acquaintances in the gym changing room, I feel people only chat if no one better is around (not all. Some we natter away). When the better person comes bye bye Nat. I think I’ll scowl like all the others. It’s hard to make friends as you get older. I try to start up conversations or smile with other girls at the gym but I think they think I’m either too friendly or odd. Yes I have an accent. Am I really that strange? I get along better with non Spanish members maybe as we’re all in the same boat. Thanks to the EU I can live within reason anywhere in the EU. Technically I’m am immigrant, but it must be the ginger hair. Friday, vets (all good) and my cameras back!

Where's the chicken. Diesel
Where’s the chicken. Diesel
Friday Favourites:

React Channel YouTube

I discovered this channel this week and have lost a few hours giggling away. Kids opinions on littering and old typewriters, teens reactions to 90’s Internet, Mean Girls, Nicki Minajs Anaconda, old peoples reaction to selfies, Nicki Minajs Anaconda, twerking. Too many hours lost giggling!

Decathlon Rucksack Decathlon Rucksack

I cycle everywhere so my choice of bags is limited. Depending on where I go, it’s usually a rucksack and a small structured cross over bag to even out the chic. My gym rucksack’s too big for everyday and the drawstring rucksack I’ve been using digs in the shoulders with anything more than a litre water bottle. This rucksack was on offer when I went to get bike oil. €9! Too good to pass up, especially when it’s the most comfyist rucksack. Padded straps, 20L, chest and hip clips helping prevent back and shoulder problems. What really got me is the elastic on the side pockets, deliberately folds in to prevent things falling out! Attention to detail at €9.


The idea is I cut a mango into slices and store the fridge to snack on. It doesn’t work that way as I snack on more slicing them than storing them.

Camera Barcelona, El Triangle

My camera’s back! 3 months to repair with no explaination to the black spot that appeared inside the sensor. Just it’s my own fault and not to change lenses in the wind.

Aloe Vera FlowerAloe Vera Flower

Now I’m just waiting for my hibiscus to recover and flower!

Animal Rescues

A yorkie hailing a rescue van to be recused and a local community Thai stray dog saving a new born baby that residents are now hoping will be adopted.

Plank Roll/Twists

These hit the obliques and work the whole core and not to mention everything else. They’re best done in a forearm plank than a full plank dipping hips side to side.

Graffiti RunningGraffiti running

I found this running and jumping benches (Spartan Race prep) on Wednesday.

Birthday at the BeachBirthday at the Beach

Every year my one request is that it’s warm enough for the beach. This year I got my wish, but it was noisy. I really am getting old! I can’t stand people smoking on the beach or playing music especially when from their phones. Why?! Everybody knows you go to the beach to sleep, not to breath in 2nd hand smoke or listen to tinny music! Little kids playing that’s different, they’re having way too much fun.

Okay, enough whinging! What’s been making you smile this week? What’s your favourite summer fruit? I love mangos, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines and pineapples!


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