Weekend Friday Favourites. 22.5.22

Summer’s arrived early this year and I don’t mind one bit! Winter now’s a long distance memory. I’m hoping summer won’t disappear quickly into autumn fall as it’s here early. Washing and putting away winter blankets and the last of the in-between clothes they seem so heavy and suffocating to wear looking at them. Just how putting away summer clothes as it gets cooler and colder they feel so thin and cold to look at. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Summer Beauty Essential: Portable Hand Fan

I started doing this last summer. Taking my small desk top fan into the bathroom after a shower. Any girl knows applying products in the summer can be a nightmare. You can’t layer them as quickly as they just don’t dry. Creams and sunscreen just glide over without absorbing. If it’s humid it’s 10 times worse. Having a fan in the bathroom helps the products absorb a little more. It’s not 100% fool proof but it works. This one is usb charged like the other desk top fan and portable! The other wasn’t which made is tricky to find places in the bathroom where it didn’t fall down as it’s a different design to this on. This one is also great for travelling! The only issue is that if I push the button in too far it gets jammed. It’s easy to pop out with a pen knife and easy to place anywhere in the bathroom. 


They’re nearly all grown up! 

Hazy Light

Snake Graffiti 

Mini Oases in the City

Barcelona has many public parks, the largest being Parc de la Ciuatadella where the geese are. It also has mini oases that only pop up in the summer. This is tiny triangle is outside Miin Cosmetics on a busy cross roads. In the winter there’s just the tree to look at. In the summer it’s bursting with life!

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below. Have a great new week to come and thank you for stopping by!

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