Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! 

Apologies for an absence of Weekend Friday Favourites recently. Spain’s officially out of lockdown after ending its State of Alarm 21st June. Things are gradually becoming back to pre covid-19 with exceptions. Climbing I can no longer drop by whenever I want. We have to book up in advance set times to climb for 2 hours. I usually end up only having 1 hour thanks to my organisational skills. I’ve picked up a class with time being all over the place. We have to wear masks in all enclosed public spaces and when we can’t self distance however Catalunya has ordered that we wear them outside even when we can social distance to avoid the spread of covid-19. If we’re caught not wearing one, €100 fine. Exceptions are exercise, eating and drinking and if you’re under 6 years old. The beach is a grey area shhhhh. Yes, beach season is back! I’m studying a great photography course on Udemy using beach time to study via their app and videos. Otherwise I’d just play games on my phone.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Muy Mucho Desktop USB Fan

Muy Mucho is an interior decoration shop I always like looking around doing my best to appreciate and not buy. This desktop fan was one of the impulse buys my Mum says, if you see it, get it. It’s perfect in my ‘office’ now it’s hot keeping me cool. I use an old iPhone socket charger as my Mac’s usb ports are taken for. I can’t recommend it enough if you want a small desktop fan. It’s silent too, a bargain at €5.99.

Berskha Scrunchies 

On holiday earlier this year I got some Kitsch satin sleep scrunchies. I’m getting through them quicker than I thought I would. They last about 3 months before looking brown and no amount of washing returns them looking decent. I knew this would happen, but not as quickly as they are. I also wanted a bit of colour other than pink. I tried cotton scrunchies but they tangle up in my hair to the point I consider scissors. I found these in Bershka which are a good dupe. They’re not quite the same as my hair does get tangled in them if I’m not careful, however they’re kinder than cotton scrunches and add a pop of colour. 

Sharma Climbing Reopened and Gym Reopened

Both Sharma Climbing where I gym climb and my normal gym have reopened! It’s nice to lift a little heavier and not to be distracted by the house working out and talk to people. Climbing I no longer feel like lead and beginning to get some flow movement back. The first week back, the level I can usually flash were so hard.

Shops Open 

Now the shops are open Nat can only shop at a supermarket as she’s not tempted by non grocery items. 

Barcelona Zoo Reopened

Watching humans

Alpaca dining

Barcelona Zoo’s reopened! With some changes. They’ve scrapped usual summer hours for winter last entry and close 2 hours later at previous summer last entry. I look forward to summer hours as I had extra time in the day and the light was good when I got there. I usually go last at the hour as it’s quiet and light is fast approaching golden hour. Now the light gets good when I leave, but it’s okay. I get greenery, birds singing. 

The lions have moved into their new bigger enclosure! They seem a lot happier and relaxed. I’m hoping the tigers, bison, bears and other big cats now get a bigger enclosures.  

Sioris A Calming Day Ampoule and Stay With Me Day Cream

I discovered Sioris in Miin about a month ago and I swear the A Calming Day Ampoule is helping my skin with acne. I always say acne skin is sensitive skin. The ampoule contains calendula and centella asiatica which are amazing at helping calm sensitive skin. Used with Stay With Me Day Cream, some magic is working. I usually like to leave 2 months before reviews or to see if it’s working not a month. The lotion is great for oily skin at keeping the shine down, but still letting skin breathe and have a little shine. It’s lightweight too. I can’t find a Siroris own site, however all the online shops that sell the line say it’s clean, vegan and cruelty free. Both contain butylene glycol which usually I avoid. I made an exception as the moisturiser I was using made me way too oily and I was running out of crap free, cruelty free, non silicone free lotions to use. 

Internet Finds

Super markets snub coconuts good picked by monkeys. BBC News

Hope for pangolins as protection boosted in China. BBC News

Nagaland dog meat: Animal rights groups hail ban as ‘major turning point’. BBC News

Craving certain foods? This is what your body is trying to tell you. Blogilates

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!


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