Weekend Friday Favourites

Welcome to a long over due Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently.

Excuses as to why I’ve been absent lately I’m blaming here on Mercury being in retrograde. That’s my excuse! Anyway I hope you’re having a great weekend and lets get into this week’s hopefully short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites

Jata Hogar Mini Manual Chopper

Out shopping with ChefPaulGuru aka P a few months back he got all excited coming across this mini manual chopper. My face was probably really, you excited over this?! Before he was here for a few months I started making smashed chickpea and avocado salads. He said this would be perfect for chopping them up. It wasn’t that expensive, about €10 and knowing unless I had examples made I probably wouldn’t use it, made a few salads with it. It really is easy to use and I use it about 2-3 times a week. You rough chop up want you want to put in, place it in the pot, make sure the blade is stable, lock and load the lid, then like speed boat engine pull the purple handle to crank the chopping blades. I like how everything is chopped up smaller making it great when you’re pushed for time and need to eat quickly. Easier chewing. I’m not adventurous with salads, generally sticking the the few I make so this adds taste and presentation variety. Presentation photos we’ll leave to the professionals. 

The Sea

Summer months I try to sneak off everyday to the beach for about an hour. Summer’s my favourite season and you bet I spend as much of it as I can outside. If it’s at the beach even better. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to my dips. Bad day? The water feels so good you forget everything. Feeling hot and sticky from the humidity, sea water will sort it out. Just want to sleep for a few minutes, do your best to block out the reggeton and you’re good. 

Freshly CosmeticsDSCF0807

I can’t believe I didn’t know about Freshly Cosmetics until walking past an opening soon sign. An online Spanish (Catalan) brand that’s been big business for a few years. Cruelty free, uses natural ingredients, quite a few vegan products, keeps plastic down to pumps and lids and outer shipping packaging only. All bottles aside from the lipbalms and toothpaste are either glass or aluminium. They also have a reforestation scheme. So far the products I’ve tried I’m really enjoying using. Shhh, I prefer their shampoo and conditioner to Oway! They’re reasonably mid priced with arrival next day from shipping.  Oh and the scents! Think jellybeans, Starbursts, fruity fresh without the sickly sweet. 


Sunrise Moon

Insect Hotel

The Ayuntameinto de Barcelona recently installed an insect hotel by one of the beaches. At first I was how did someone dump a piano there?! Closer inspection it’s an insect hotel with space for small reptiles and mammals according to the sign. However rats aren’t welcome. Before installation there was signs nearby warning I think for dog walkers of rat control in motion. I’d seen a few cycling back at night in the area and was amazing how quickly and with ease they climbed linked fences. Can’t be seen to have a rat problem. The council also has currently in Parc Olympic a left it be wild space area. Sometimes I think it’s for show the care for nature, but who knows maybe the city is trying to tackle pollution, plastic issues. Maybe these areas are to get people intrigued, thinking, investigating and thinking how they can help nature, climate change etc. 

No Shopping/Spending Money Weekends

For a few months I’ve been trying not to spend any money at the weekends. It’s become a fun challenge. Included is internet shopping. Excluded, washing my bike at the carwash. Not just at the weekends, I’m finding I’m putting things back on the shelves and walking away whereas before I would have bought it. Some weekends I’ll admit internet shopping happens however I try to keep it minimal having stalked the items for a few weeks. 

Ali Express

Ali Express might be one of the no shopping weekend exemptions as it takes ages selecting a seller from the hundreds selling the same thing. I seriously can’t believe how much cheaper the same items on Amazon are cheaper on Aliexpress. The items I’ve been looking at are a 2/3 or less the price than on Amazon! Amazon sellers must bulk buy from Ali Epxress and hike the prices up. I have a few items in my basket, I’m just a little hesitant on customs, however I’m curious to see even with customs how much cheaper it is than Amazon. I’m sure too it’s not just Amazon sellers shopping on Aliexpress. I’ve seen exact copies on other sites retailing for more too. 

Internet Finds 

Owl turns paddling pool in the hoot tub. BBC News

How the sound in your home affects your mood. BBC News

Boxing teaches Kenyan girls to defend themselves. BBC News

Rescuing animals from the streets of Kiev. BBC News

How women’s workwear has evolved. BBC News

What’s been making you smile recently? Please share in the comments below! Have a great weekend!


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