Friday Faves

I hope you’re having a great weekend, soaking up one of the last weekends of summer! Starting Friday, Barcelona hosts its annual La Merce, a 6 day festival celebrating the city and the last of summer. Events are held across the city and one of my favourites is Correfoc fire run, always held on the last Saturday of September. Any other country would enforce a safety perimeter, but here you get to run with devils under spinning Roman candles, watch dragons breath fire and dance to drums; Passejade de dracs i besties de foc, Walk of Dragons and Beasts of Fire. Each district of Barcelona is represented by its own devils, dragons and drums all trying to out do each other. I used to live right where it finished and it’s always a truly electric atmosphere. It’s also a great time to visit the city, it’s still warm though the nights can be chilly.

Friday’s are becoming my speed work days. I wasn’t in the mood for a timed interval run. The mood I was in I would have told the timer where to stick it. I opted for Fartlek and stuck to my markers which was tough enough. 1km warm up and 6km of speed play. Definitely love/hate any running interval work.IMG_5506

Anyways, Friday Faves this week:

Em Cosmetics Scribble Liquid EyelinerIMG_9870

This hardly budges apart from coconut oil make up remover and an afternoon spent swimming and jumping waves. Having oily skin, when I find a product that stays on all day it’s a keeper. I’d previously been using a felt tip style eyeliner and this brush took a little getting used, but you can get a line as thin or as thick as you want easily. Thanks to, shipping costs are a lot cheaper (a lot) than MyUs who EM Cosmetics were previously using to ship outside the USA.

Wednesday’s RunIMG_5315 IMG_5327

I took the shady breezy route and had to stop along Badalona pier and soak up the quietness (okay water break). The water was jade green by the beach and inky black as waves silently rolled in the end of the pier.

Plank jack to Leg Extension Press up

Strength and cardio in one and works total body. Start in a plank position, arms shoulder width, plank jack legs out and return to plank position performing a leg extension/single leg press up, with one leg raised behind while performing a press up. Return to plank position, repeat this time other leg raised. If you want to make it harder, don’t lower the foot to plank after the press up, plank jack it straight out. I picked this from one of Blogilates Instagram HIIT workouts, she’s recently started releasing. Full of great ideas for quick workouts or ideas for your own.

Tiny Devotions Exhale Mala NecklaceExhale-Mala-Tiny-Devotions-Mala-Beads_grande_6d094e4f-8bcc-423b-bbfc-fdc369c5ab13_large

I have no idea if the malas and gemstones mystical powers actually work, but I am drawn to this one. Just the right amount of pink and white. But at $127/€98 plus shipping and customs, this is an admire and pass by. But it’s nice to look at every now and then on their site. Does anyone else do that? Keep looking at an item but not buying it? I’d wear it as a bracelet as wearing any necklaces or high necked tops make me feel claustrophobic.

AJ and DD

Aj and I’ve been debating all week who’s mat it is and D’s been the great alarm clock that he is. IMG_5174 IMG_5546

What’s been your favourite things this week? Have a great weekend!


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    Love the necklace and how versatile it can be paired with floral prints and patterned tops. Warm days may be soon come to an end, but the sun gladly enjoys providing its residual warmth 🙂 – Lena

    1. says:

      The warm days are holding out, just! I though the necklace would be pretty versatile too. Loved the necklace on Hit Rock Bottom, Bounce Back Up!

  2. says:

    What a gorgeous necklace. Enjoy the last weekend of summer.

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