Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces Of Nature

I’m still waiting for my camera to be fixed. February I sent it off for repair. It’s now the middle of May. They’re taking the biscuit. I’ve holding off chasing it as I keep giving them the benefit of doubt. Maybe tomorrow I’ll receive an email saying it’s ready for collection. I took 4 months for my watch to be repaired, so waiting’s the game in Spain. I’ve been using iPhone in the mean time, but it’s not the same. I miss my camera.

This week’s challenge is Forces of Nature. Enjoy

Triora Italy, 2013. The last place to hold witch trails in Italy. Full of abandoned buildings now taken over plants, spiders, mice and who knows what. Some buildings send shivers down my spine, felt cold or my imagination was running high. Triora ItalyDolceaqua, or Sweet Water, Italy, 2012dolceaqua ItalyFlooding. Parc Vaugrenier, France, 2013/4IMG_2830Storm Clouds, Antibes, France, 2013/4IMG_4754Storm, Antibes, France 2013. IMG_7008Mistral, Cap d’Antibes, France, 2014.IMG_6568Winter Storm, Barcelona, 2014Winter Storm, BarcelonaWeekly Photo Challenge  Forces of Nature


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    Awesome photos of nature! Thanks for sharing..

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      Thank you!

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