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It really must have been my birthday Tuesday. My parcel arrived! Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to ship and it took just over a week to arrive. If there’s one thing that makes me do a happy dance apart from a gym full of play toys: medicine balls, kettlebells, box jumps, suspension trainers, battle ropes (really want to try them!), sandbags, you get the idea, is being left in Marks and Spencer beauty hall, Sephora, CVS or browsing I’d really love to be let loose in’s warehouse. Make that all their warehouses!

 I’m a closet skincare and cosmetic junkie. I’m loyal to my basic skincare routine (Everyday Coconut, Coola, Alba Botanica and coconut oil) everything else is fair game. I have 2 requirements when it comes to choosing skincare, hair care products and cosmetics. First requirement no animal testing. Second requirement as crap free, natural as possible, no parabens, no mineral oils, no sls etc. My skin’s happier with natural and less ingredients. The latter requirement can be tricky with cosmetics, however some brands are now following the current natural ingredient trend or at least attempting too. In my search finding alternatives to Mac and Benefit, cheaper more affordable products and embracing BB and CC creams and Urban Decay, I’ve become a regular at Sephora. So much a regular, (I blame Sephora card rewards. 20% off all purchases for 2 weeks every 2 months or so. That can add up to a ‘free’ product!) a few Sephora assistants now know me and as I found out today I’m officially a gold card holder! Beauty junkie supreme.

This junkie shares. Once a month I’ll post my latest skincare and cosmetic finds and goodies kinda an expansion on products in Friday Favourites. They’ll be some DIY face masks and scrubs I’ve been wanting to try out too. Guy readers, if it’s too girly, can’t help that, but I know guys raid bathroom shelves and nobody likes ashy skin (thank Bill Burr for that). I read a lot of online reviews before making purchases and they help a lot deciding, so it’s only fair I share too! I’ll be upfront, don’t expect designer brands like Clinque, Lacome etc or drug store high street brands such as GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly Clark, Unilever. While animal testing on cosmetics in banned in the EU, they still test in other countries. I like smaller up and coming brands preferably Leaping Bunny stamped. Expensive brands aren’t necessarily any better than cheaper brands and the packaging’s more fun. I’m a sucker for packaging!

My birthday wish Tuesday as it has been since living on the Med, was that it was warm enough for the beach. I didn’t get any birthday cake, but I did get my birthday wish.

 What’s your favourite skincare or cosmetic product? What makes you do the happy dance?


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    Happy belated birthday! I’m having one Monday..I am not a fan of them anymore. But there is nothing much better than a birthday on the beach! We may head out there tomorrow. Best skin care product? Eye wrinkle cream lol after all that time on the beach….Hoping you are having a great birthday week!

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      Thank you! Have a great birthday yourself! Us Taureans, want everybody to know it’s our birthday, but want minimal fuss! Definitely eye cream after the beach. Unfortunelty I can’t wear eye cream with SPF in anymore as it irritates my eyes. I use coconut oil instead which has some natural spf protection in and is a lot cheaper!

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