Handstands, Inspiration and Focus

Inspired by many of my Tone It Up friends/sisters on Instagram and ASICS latest training video, new fitness goals have been added to my list…handstands and more box jumps! I used to be able to walk on my hands, albeit 3 steps and somewhere along the way, I lost my nerve. Well, I want to walk on my hands again, hold a handstand, be able to move into a yoga handstand without momentum and up the box jump level! A few years ago I wanted to stand on a stability ball (as you do!) and within a month with guidance, I could squat and wiggle around on it. It’s now second nature to stand on one. With consistent practice, imagining the pose and as The Rock says…’focus!’, I know it shouldn’t be too long until I’m handstanding again!

Today’s strength workout was total body with more focus on the arms and shoulders. Cool down…handstands against with the wall! Practicing already! I’ve sporadically practiced and it shows. Imagining the final pose helped a lot. After fourth attempt I called it a day and will back at it tomorrow. I got to just one toe touching the wall, letting go and holding it for about second. Baby steps! If it gets frustrating I stop, move on, come back to it later as things done in frustration never end well!

Training and cheesy smile time!


Aj looking how I felt after this mornings workout!
Aj looking how I felt after this mornings workout!

My home box jump substitute is now a little too easy to clear and not the most stable platform to jump on. In the next few days I’ll be on the lookout for possible jump platforms (benches, walls, steps, kids park!) in my area and tag them onto my runs.

For an afternoon pick me up, I added sparkling/fizzy/gaseous/carbonated (whatever you call it, where you’re from!) water to Tropicana’s jus d’orange et mango. Nice, but a little too puree for me.


And…congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their baby boy. I’m sure his name will be at the top of the most popular UK’s boys name list for quite some time!

Who’s or what gives you inspiration for your goals and how do you keep focus on them? Do you use the outdoors in your workouts and if so any good outdoor box jump platform substitutes recommendations?!


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    Well, I think I might have to get my box jumps on now. What do you think about a park bench?

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      I think a park bench will be just fine! Just be careful with the slats, make sure they’re wide so you don’t trip and also the seat is wide enough to allow clearance. If it has a back, be careful too as that would be nasty to fall over if you misjudge or loose balance. If it’s wooden make sure isn’t too slippery! Go Girl!

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