Friday Faves

It seems like forever since I’ve done a Friday Faves. It’s one of my favourite posts and the one I miss doing. However studying and my course practical took piority for a few weeks, but many of you know blogging and day to day reality takes some balancing. Scales tip, balancing them is a constance dance. But that’s life!

Recently it’s felt like here’s been having a mini heatwave with the temperature back around 19C midday. The downside is the rain and wind and washing that doesn’t ever seem to dry! This morning running, surfers were out taking advantage of the mistral. 7.5km along the beaches and the stadium stairs 3 times. Definitely beats last weekends treadmill!IMG_1485

Anyways, this weeks Friday Faves:


I have a few ornaments I love out, but always find they can look cluttered just out. I took advice from October’s US Cosmo home decor guide and invested in a decorative tray. An instant transformation and tidy upper!

ArthurMXP Stray Dog

The tale of Arthur the dog who decided after befriending the Team Peak Performance team during the Adventure Racing World Championships in Ecuador, he was going cross country along side with them. He’s now waiting to clear quarantine to start a new life in Sweden and now has a foundation to help all the other ‘Arthurs’ out there!


Every time I go back to the Motherland, I stock up on goodies from Tescos! Wholemeal bagels, sweets, chocolates, peanut butter and other items I can’t get here. Mostly chocolate. Unfortunelty I had to leave the chocolate isles behind (milk), but more than made up for it in the Free From section. In Spain I’m lucky to find dark chocolate without milk. There, I had a pick of diary free chocolate, dark chocolate, hot chocolate, egg replacers, cereal bars, and oh so many things! I got a little excited, most of it’s now in my tummy and I have shared some of the spoils with Paul.

Sweet Chestnuts


Paul picked some up this week and had never had them raw, always in cooking. Growing up we had a tree in the garden and never cooked them. Just ate them as any other nut!

Ugi Ballimages

The hotel I stayed at in the UK over the weekend was better equiped with free weights than many gyms I’ve been to. I’ve been wanting to try out an ugi ball for a while and took advantage of hotel gym’s. They work similar to medicine balls but bigger and a bit more squishy. I tired out a few rounds of offset squats, squat pick ups and wood chops and can see their appeal. I didn’t even touch on what they’re capable off! If I do medicine ball off set squats, I normally put a towel on my shoulder as it’s more comfortable. With an ugi ball there’s no need!

What’s been making you smile this week? Hope you have a great weekend!

Arthur and Ugi photos taken from Google Images



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      Ha Ha! I wrote this so long ago, nearly a year I had the check out the post as chestnuts are everywhere here! They’re a Catalan favourite this time of year, with quite a few hot chestnut stalls in the streets. As a kid, we had a sweet chestnut tree in the garden and were stocked up for winter with them every year! I don’t think I saw them much in the shops. I was quite surprised here they love them! Which is fine by me as they’re quite tasty!

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        Yes, it is definitely the season for chestnuts. So nice visiting with you.

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