Weekend lessons

I hope you all had a great weekend! Here…quiet on the adventure front as my boyfriend’s working (chefs very rarely see the summer sun!), but that’s okay. There are plenty of weekends for motorbike rides and exploring!

All eye’s on the UK today, as the wait for Royal Family’s newest addition might be over. If the Duchess of Cambridge has a girl, she’ll be already making history books with the change in rules of succession, meaning that if she has a baby brother, she’ll still be first in line to the throne before him. Finally, some sense! Who says girls can’t rule this world?!

Saturday’s workout was a energising total body with a killer abs circuit afterwards. Sunday’s 10km resulting in me abandoning my tank top. I read a runners quote somewhere ‘Always dress like it’s 10 degrees hotter out’ or words to that affect. It’s always ran true (no pun intended) when I’ve followed it’s advice! Two much needed yoga sessions were in order Saturday and Sunday to ease up the hamstrings, quads and back.

If I plan right, the weekends are great for prepping for the week or weeks ahead (duh, of course!). Without all the rush of the week, it’s easier to reflect and put into motion what needs to be done. This weekend I planned my workouts for the two next weeks and created a big mess in the kitchen! I like to change my workouts every two weeks as this keeps things from getting old. At the moment I haven’t got any fitness goals per se, apart from finding the Holy Grail of triceps and perkier backside, but they’re standard. For now, improving current average running pace, keeping everything in check and having fun working out are good goals for me. Living near a beach does make you want to keep everything in check…vanity at it’s finest! I’m sure I’m not alone on this!

I wanted to know if I could reclaim some pride from my last granola batch. Err…no…it crumbled again! Apparently it’s due to that I didn’t boil the sugars long enough. No worries, I can sprinkle it on fruit and yoghurt and hope I don’t get caught eating from the tub as it is! Actually, that would be good as once I start with granola, It’s hard to stop! My pre and post workout fuel oat, banana and almond cookies more then made up for the granola! I also discovered that flaxseeds blended for flaxmeal smells like fish food. An odd one for you there!

Pre workout Americano and cookies

A new week, new workouts. A great metabolism boosting circuit today. Total body as always, 3 sets, 7 moves, 10 reps resistance and 30 secs cardio bodyweight blasts. It set me up for the day! Don’t you find a good workout gives to a spring in your step? Looking forward to a run this evening when it’s cooler. Today as we say in the UK…Today’s a scorcher!

New week, new workouts!
New week, new workouts!

Amazing fruit snack: Mango, organic peach and Greek yoghurt!

Oh my...Mango, organic peach and Greek yoghurt
Oh my…Mango, organic peach and Greek yoghurt

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap use 1: Shower gel. The almond favour makes it almost edible! My skin didn’t feel dry afterward and the scent lasted. It’s a keeper, though as it doesn’t contain any SLS, it doesn’t lather up like I’m used to, but I’ll get used to this in time.

Dr Bronner's Almond Magic Soap
Dr Bronner’s Almond Magic Soap

Does anyone have tried and tested keeping cool running tips? Does anyone else go a little crazy in the kitchen for the week ahead?!

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