Pop, Honest, SLS, Run…

Blogilates Pop HIIT 6 for this morning’s workout. Once a week I like to try someone else’s workout to keep things fresh. It was a tough, very sweaty cardio, lower body and core workout. Cassy Ho, maybe all girly and sparkly, but her POP HIIT workouts mean business! I dropped the rest times to 20 seconds from 30 seconds and added afterwards three supersets of triceps skinny dips and sandbag deadlift rows. Smiling afterward as always!

Always oatmeal/porridge for breakfast!

As school’s out for the summer and I’m not teaching (there’s been some progress with my trainer certificates, however as yet no answer as to where they are!), I’ve been able to catch on odd jobs and to do lists. Yay! Always a great feeling don’t you think? A month ago I purchased from amazon.co.uk The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. I like to buy skincare, make up, beauty and general household products that haven’t been tested on animals as any (nearly) vegan does. That way I thought, I’ll be avoiding some nasty chemicals/toxins that are usually in brand products. Not quite the case it seems. The products I buy are generally paraben, mineral oil free etc. I was roughly aware what these are and The Honest Life took it to another level. It’s a minefield out there with all the toxins in products (they maybe the cause for the rise of modern day illnesses) and she takes time to explain what they are, why they’re sketchy, alternative products (if only The Honest Company shipped to Europe!) without falling into the usual beige and white, (boring) eco-friendly cliché. She’s got every area of the house covered and doesn’t sacrifice style. It’s a beautiful book, easy to read and the photos alone are inspiration.


I’ve already started to make a few changes. My beloved shampoo and shower gel have sodium laurel/laureth sulfate (SLS) in. Its the stuff that makes everything super foamy when it lathers. During it’s manufacturing process a toxic by product is created (1,4 dioxane) which penetrates our skin and can cause cancer, birth defects, kidney and respiratory systems and can affect our neurological systems. Not nice at all! After some research, I found on bathandundwind.com and mentioned in The Honest Life, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap in unscented, almond and citrus orange, 18 uses in one bottle! You can use it as a shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, washing up detergent….endless possibilities! It’s gonna be fun experimenting all them all. When you look at ingredient labels, especially with cleansers be it hair, body, face etc there’s not really that much difference in contents.

I have also been when I can, buying more organic fruit and vegetables. It’s a little more expensive, as it’s grown without pesticides which is more labour intense work, hence the price, but I believe it’s worth it. There’s more flavour, farming is less taxing on the environment and the produce is of better quality. My organic peach, kiwi and greek yoghurt morning snack was bursting with sweetness!

Morning snack the moment.
Morning snack of the moment

Had a great cheeky 6km evening run around the Cap d’Antibes. Heavy air, fast pace and quite a few other runners taking advantage of the ‘coolness’. Does anyone else ask where these runners are in the winter when it’s cold?


This weekend I’m hoping to catch up on five months of Zinio magazines! Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

I’m curious to know of the uses for Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap. Are there more than 18 uses? Can you really use it as toothpaste? Has anyone made changes after reading The Honest Life?

Note: All information about Sodium Lauryl/laureth sulfate is taken from The Honest Life, Jessica Alba, Rodale, 2012

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