Changes, A Birthday And A Cat Castle

If I’ve been away on holiday for a week or more, I always find it hard to get a rhythm going when I get back. The holiday feeling stays for few days, before returning to the normal routine and eating. Sometimes this is a good thing, though this time it’s been more a time of reflection of where I am, where I’ve been and where I want to go. Certain aspects have to change for me to move forward. Some changes will be easy, some will be harder. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who understands. Support is vital as change can be a battle!IMG_0400

I kept my training up while away and upped it a little this week to burn off all those extra treats from the week before! I ran my longest run since injury, 8km with just the ankle having a little party in the evening. I’m gradually working back up to 10km. I like running, but after an hour or more I get bored. 10km max for me!

A sunny 8km run through the port.


I also added this week new exercises to my workouts that pre injury I flew through! This week’s featured moves: inverted shoulder presses, froggers/frog marches, alternate sandbag shoulder press squats (easier than it sounds!), overhead lunges, resistance band staggered rows and pendulum swings. It felt good to bust them out albeit about 90% pre injury effort! Yoga is still touch and go, depending on the intensity of my workouts, runs and bike rides earlier.

Winter arrived too this week in full force. The sun only made an appearance twice and one of those days wasn’t Paul’s birthday! Happy Birthday! After a birthday run when the rain paused for an hour, we went to San Remo, Italy for the afternoon and ended up in a COOP supermarket! We always end up in a supermarket travelling, seeing what’s what!

Birthday Boy!IMG_0516 Sunshine?!IMG_0448IMG_0458 Little Christmas. A little Natalie!IMG_0456Perfect for hot chocolate!

No birthday is complete without a cake! I whipped up a batch of his favourite cake, carrot cake, cupcake Tone It Up style with whipped greek yoghurt for icing/frosting. Nom. Nom!IMG_0435 IMG_0466

Winter weather for the boys has been all about radiators, blankets and a new cat castle! Just another way to recycle Amazon boxes!

IMG_0443 IMG_0437Saturday for the first time in 6 years I got to play in the snow! Snow adventures tomorrow!IMG_0527

Do you find it easy to get back to the old routine after time away, or do you keep that holiday feeling going for as long as possible?




  1. says:

    Wow you’ve been busy!! I find that when I am on holiday I manage to up the exercise as I do a lot of walking. It makes a big difference to me as I sit down all day at my job 5 days a week 🙁
    I end up going back to work fitter but detesting my prison of a desk, and losing the holiday afterglow and fitness very quickly. Nice to have something to look forward to initially though! Hope you are soon fully recovered from your injury xx

    1. says:

      Thank you for your kind wishes! Achilles heel can take 3 months to a year to be as good as new. I think it’ll be 6 months for me…grr.

      We usually all do a lot of walking on holiday too, though this time it was mainly to visit family so there was a lot of sitting and car travel, so I understand a desk prison. I was a receptionist for 5 years and I took full advantage of my lunch break for walks regardless of the weather!

      I hope your’e planning your next trip already! Even a weekend or a one day-er one is enough to have a little boost 😉

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