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Happy December! 

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers!

I can’t believe we’re in the last month of 2019! I know you’ve probably heard that a 100 times already, apologies. I can’t believe in just over a month is a new calendar year and a new decade at that. Next year is a big number year for me and I’m ignoring that number! But I’m not ignoring this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. It’s a short one however please share in the comments below things that have been making you smile or caught your eye this week.

November’s waning Frost Moon at Dawn

Once a year I’m knocked out for 24hrs with a bug of some sort. Once a year my body’s nope, shut down mode and I’m out of it. I thought I got away with it this year as my last KO was February last year. I don’t know what happened. Monday morning I was okay. Monday evening my joints ached, I was so sleepy, I felt sick, I had a bath which only happens when I’m ill or not paying the water bill. Maybe my body had enough of running on empty for a few months. Maybe something sneaked in with my immune system low flighting allergies. I was out of it all of Tuesday bar making it to the sofa to give D his breakfast which happened 3 hours later then back to bed. Poor boy, he was a good cat nurse. What has this to do with the New Moon. Tuesday was the new moon. New moons are for reassessing, making goals, resetting, realigning. Maybe it was a coincidence I was ill over the new moon, maybe it wasn’t. I’ve had a run of not bad luck, more mishaps, things not working, losing things so I’m hoping it was a big reset. 

D Pants


This boy has his own on going health issues, but I’m happy to share my days with this guy. He always makes me laugh everyday! 

Vegan Panettone

I missed out on these last year. By the time I saw the sign in the local organic chain here they were sold out! I lurve panettone! Forget Christmas fruit cake, give me panettone!! Panettones come with eggs, so for a few years I’ve forgone them. Not this year. The store’s got stock. This girl got excited. This girl might be making up for lost years as she’s eating them already as cake!!! I can’t help myself. I have one saved for Christmas and I haven’t cleared out the shelves for others. It tastes just like the egg version if not better. If only I could find a dairy free chocolate advent calendar I’d be one happy girl. Can’t have everything so I’ll happily settle for vegan panettone. 

Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights are up! Summer has my heart, a close 2nd are Christmas lights, brightening up the long dark autumn winter nights. This year they’re different! Usually only 2 main streets get new lights, the rest reuse the olds ones. Even Via Laietana has lights for the first time I think ever. It would be perfect if they could stay until the middle of February. However with the amount of heat and energy produced and used, I’m happier there are polar bears than lights up until the middle of February. I’ll settle for the 6th January.

Passeig de Gracia

Warm Rainy Night Runs

The temperature has gone back up an unseasonal high after an unseasonal low. 16-19C after 11-14C. One warmish day it rained all evening which made for my favourite type of early evening or late afternoon here running weather: warmish rain! Hardly anyone’s out and if you’re in the right clothes running in the not too heavy rain’s fun! 

Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson Podcast

Image courtesy of Google Images.

I’m a huge Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson fan so when after catching up on IG this week I found out Kate Hudson has a podcast I immediately downloaded and subscribed. Each episode reflects on their childhood, sibling bond, family dynamics, human mind, body or whatever they feel like talking about that day. Guest usually are other siblings discussing their crazy childhoods. I’m only 2 episodes in and haven’t laughed so much since Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger special a few months ago (the only other podcast I listen to: Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast). Apple Podcast. Podbay.

Internet Finds

Explained: Athleisure. Netflix. Something other than Korean dramas*! This was interesting in that one of the only things I can remember from A Level Sociology is that whatever was high society eventually becomes lower class so to speak. Our love for atheletic wear has its roots in high society leisure time. Legging lovers owe a lot to the ladies that pushed the boundaries as Athleisure explores how comfy, casual clothes came mainstream. *This episode and Animal Intelligence are the only episodes I’ve watched in the Explained series. We might be pushing it if I watch more than 2!

Were Aboriginal Australians the world’s first astronomers? Australia’s mysterious ancient stones. BBC Reel. This kinda of stuff always amazes me as it always surprises me as quite a few people I talk to have no idea there’s solstices, equinoxes. 

Could vertical forests improve our health? The vertical forest tackling pollution. BBC Reel. I’d live in one of theses! 

How paper is making a comeback. BBC Reel. I need to invest in recycled paper.

70 people reveal how to tell if someone is from their country. Conde Nast Traveler. YouTube. It’s easy to spot British. I have a 85% accurate British in the vicinity radar. Girls lead with boobs, guys walk with hands in pockets 5 abreast. Or it’s how they dress, the hair cut, the hair colour, the accessories. I like that most people in Europe can’t tell where I’m from. Always address in English as I’m pale but then it’s French? German?. Even British here living or on holidays can’t until I open my mouth. Even then they’re not sure. I remember in the post office one time the Correos person when through nearly every European country and English speaking country apart from the UK to guess where I was from.

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below!

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