November Catch Up

November without sounding clique flew by!

We took a trip at the beginning of the month to a local castle, Castell de Burriac. Cutting it fine, no surprise we got there 30 minutes before sunset. It’s a few towns up and worth the motorbike ride. From the carpark it’s about a 3km steep hike. The vistas at the top are amazing even at dusk. The cars looked liked ants making me think about the logistics of supply and demand to all the people in the cars: food etc. It’s mind blowing how many resources humans use. All but the tower has free access. Being on the grounds also got me thinking of the poor people who had to supply the tower hiking up and how many fights were fought looking through arrow windows. It’s also wide open to the elements. Looking out I thought I saw either smoke or a raincloud coming in fast. Rain wasn’t predicted but rain ignores predictions. It tipped it down. Luckily I have a Mary Poppin’s rucksack. Summer time last year shopping in the centre it tipped it down 15 mins before I was cycling back. Knowing I’d get soaked I got a small foldable maybe one use poncho to cycle back in. It stopped raining by the time I got to my bike. The poncho never used has been in my rucksack ever since. It saved me! It’s now stored away for the next use! Oh and there’s a headlamp in there too. Which did shit as the battery was dying. Thankfully while it was dark, it was navigational dark walking back the bike. I’m working on reducing the shit I carry around.

We took a trip to Montjuic, the mountain at the corner of Barcelona by the sea. Plan was to cycle to the cactus garden. Closed for maintenance, the gardens are on Montjuic so it morphed into a camera off photographing the city’s rooftops before exploring Montjuic, ending up at the Olympic Stadium.

Port VellDSCF5705

That was also the day I decided it’s time for warmer jackets and blankets for Mr D!

Thanks to the sun rising later, I’ve been around to capture them. I’m working on getting up earlier. When I do I feel so much in a better mood. I have noticed this year my mood the next day depends a lot on what I’ve eaten or how much I’ve eaten. Too much sugar, which happens with biscuits but not often puts me in a weird wired mood. If I didn’t eat much the day before or not enough fresh fruit and vegetables, I’m cranky, can’t be bothered to do anything which for me is a feeling that’s one of the worst.

DSCF5897November’s Beaver or Frosty Moon

I went to my first crystal fair!

Climbing’s going great. I’m back at 6a+/6b+ but that’s fine. Any indoor Sharma red or 6b/6c+ is a bonus. I’m sure Sharma Climbing Barcelona has recently upped some the yellow levels or 6a+/6b+. I’m finding ones I’m struggling on sometimes it’s I haven’t got the strength, however mostly it’s mental strength. Making that commitment to move. When I finally do and send a route it’s one of the best feelings. I did it! I overcame my fear! Gym’s going great too. Climbing’s making me stronger in the gym, gym’s making me stronger at climbing. I’m also making myself do more yoga which has fallen a little by the wayside now there’s climbing. I’m finding not just for the flexibility yoga compliments climbing but it’s the shift of weight, crossing the midline that I need help with which yoga helps with. 

Sunset runsIMG_4582Graffiti find out running

I’m getting good not spending as much money on things I don’t need. Walking away putting them back. Although I have a thing at the moment for printed sweatshirts. I finding them warmer than knitted jumpers. It all started with a sweatshirt I found back in June in Urban Outfitters Renewal line. I was looking to see if they had any linen shorts in the sale. I got a few of their linen shorts this summer and lived in them! So comfy, so cool in the heat. I loved wearing them. Back to the tale. Browsing the racks I came across a section of pink sweatshirts. Pink is one of my neutrals. There was this one with a koala I couldn’t put down. It was expensive and not on sale. At the time I didn’t realise it was from UO renewal. No discount at the cash desk, but what about this mark? It’s vintage so it’s part of the top. I liked it too much to say no. I’m glad I didn’t. Grease is one of my favourite movies. I worked out why the other day. It’s the clothes, the accessories. Just like with Dirty Dancing, it’s the music, the clothes, the style. Storyline and the out of place song at the end? Dirty Dancing isn’t up there with Grease, Indiana Jones is. After a little research the sweatshirt is by Olivia Newton John from her 80’s brand KOALA BLUE Korner of Australia Los Angeles! It’s nearly as old as me! It’s still as good as new, although faded, warm as it’s been keeping me warm these past few weeks. So warm it inspired me to get more. Opps. I’m liking the slightly baggy, oversized sweatshirts.

And voila, reason 3938575 why I haven’t made the cover of Vogue 😂

How was your November? Please share in the comments below! Wishing you a great December and Holidays!

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