Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy September!

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I hope you’re having a great weekend! A short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourite as this girl really should be in the land of zzzzz for she has a long day tomorrow. Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. 

Mr D

Just because. I think he’s looking forward to when it’s gets cooler. His hoomin mama isn’t. He’s not too well at the moment which is why he’s looking little thin. He’s eating and has a vets trip this week. 

Trust GTX 200 Laptop Fan

My old laptop fan couldn’t match the heat this summer overheating my keyboard making it way to hot to type. She did good, about 8 years. A trip to Media Market recommend 2 gaming laptop fans, one being this one.

No more hot Mac and it’s super quiet, however I have no idea what the red light is for when it’s connected up. My Mac doesn’t slide off as it previous did sometimes on the old one and it’s easy to type on. My Mac’s been cool this summer.

Happy Coco Vegan Ice Delight Caramel Seasalt

I’ve been on a bit of an ice cream kick recently. Sometimes only ice cream can make the world better. I shouldn’t as I’m trying to avoid processed sugar. I’ve tried Happy Coco’s yogurts, though a little watery they’re okay. When I noticed my usual organic shop started stocking their ice cream I had to work my way through flavours stocked. Carmel Seasalt, I made my way through 2 tubs in one week. It has for me the perfect salt to caramel ratio without feeling too ergh in the tummy. It’s a close tie with the Vanilla Blitz (that might be my favourite. Just). Bonus points the larger sizes are all paper/cardboard making it easy recycling. The smaller pots have however have a plastic spoon hidden under the lid’s info blurb and a plastic seal. I’m liking more shops are stocking dairy free ice cream, however I just wish they’d do smaller sizes making it a little easier to choose and stock up the freezer. 

Finding €2 At The Car Wash

It made my day finding €2 balanced in the motorbike/bicycle carwash slot. I thanked the universe and my bicycle had an extra 30 seconds of power wash to normal. 

Celery and Peanut Butter

I mentioned in a previous WFF, I’ve started eating celery after avoiding it all my life. Only with hummus, I still find it too over powering in salads. A friend mentioned she ate it with peanut butter. I was no. Peanut butter is sacred. I’ve also started finally making my own hummus which is so easy to do. Why I didn’t before I don’t know. One evening it was too late to make hummus without waking up the neighbours. Remembering my friend and P too asking why I hadn’t tried celery and peanut butter: it’s sacred. Only on toast, in peanut sauce or with carrot sticks. I tried it. It’s nicer than celery and hummus. Shhhh. My main meal’s lunch time with dinner being more of a snack. Celery and carrot sticks with peanut butter are light enough to eat before sleep and I know I’m getting good vitamins and nutrients that’s quick and easy when I’m tired. 

Sunrise Moon

August’s waning crescent moon at sunrise.

My First Sharma Red Route

Last week I climbed my first indoor bouldering Sharma Climbing BCN red route or grade 6b/c+. It was more a Sharma yellow/grade 6a+/b+ however there are still many yellows and greens/grade 6a/b that I can’t do. Put me on the real rock and I’m sure I’m a 3-5+. I’m hoping when it gets cooler I can try the real deal rock again. Transport is my issue. 

Internet Finds 

The unexpected history of the British cup of tea. Hidden Histories BBC Reel. I ordered some of their tea straight after watching. The Azores are now on my one day list of places to visit. 

Lebanon’s civil war: From rival fighters to side-by-side bikers. BBC News

The tiny nation waging war on plastic. BBC Reel 

What’s been making you smile recently? Please share in the comments below! 


  1. says:

    I ended up looking up rock climbing grades of different countries, (as Canada and the USA have a different grading system) and Natalie you are doing some extremely serious climbing. That is incredible amazing.

    I’m a big celery eater. Mostly with natural peanut butter. It is supposed to be good for my blood pressure. Blood pressure is good, so it must be helping.

    Hope you have an amazing September and autumn season! 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I’m slowly getting there! I’m more comfortable on 6a+/6b+ routes. 6b+ are still hard! On the real rock I’m know I’m a grade lower. Transport is an issue, knowing where to go, experience on the real deal so for now I’m happy plastic climbing. I’m sure you’ve said previously you used to climb. My lessons are paying off but like you know it’s hard on the hands!

      I get a great peanut only peanut butter from the local Asian Supermarket. I think I get through 500g of it a week! Love it so much.

      Hope your running’s enjoying the cooler weather. It’s slowly slowly cooling here. It’s more warm than hot now. Have a amazing autumn fall (do Canadians use fall or autumn?)!

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