Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy September!

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I hope you’re having a great weekend! A short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourite as this girl really should be in the land of zzzzz for she has a long day tomorrow. Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. 

Mr D

Just because. I think he’s looking forward to when it’s gets cooler. His hoomin mama isn’t. He’s not too well at the moment which is why he’s looking little thin. He’s eating and has a vets trip this week. 

Trust GTX 200 Laptop Fan

My old laptop fan couldn’t match the heat this summer overheating Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Weekend Friday Favourites

I always feel when you’ve visited a place or know someone from that place you have a connection with that place. St Martin, Antigua and Florida stay strong with Hurricane Irma, Mexico se mantiene fuerte tambien and Texas my thoughts are with you!

I hope you’re having had a great weekend as I couldn’t keep my eyes open writing this last night. I can’t believe there’s Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Weekly Photo Challenge, Treat

Remember remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!

One thing I miss about the UK is Bonfire Night. Back in 1605 guy called Guy Fawkes (pun completely intended and it’s where we get guy from) was found attempting to blow up King James I when he was in parliament on the 5th of November. To celebrate the king was still alive, every 5th of November bonfires are lit through out the UK with a effigy of ‘a Guy’ thrown on the fire accompanied by fireworks. It’s a great time to visit the UK with public firework displays being held the weekend before or on the night.

When I was a kid, we had a bonfire and fireworks in the garden. My dad used to spend a week or 2 building it, I pestered him to mind hedgehogs and my brother, sister and I made a guy out of old clothes and newspaper. We cheered on my Dad lighting fireworks and watched the fire burn while eating tomato soup and bread rolls my mum baked. Oh and sparklers! How can I forget making wishes and writing my name with sparklers! In London, I turned the TV up loud for Mr AJ who’s never really be bothered by fireworks after his 1st Bonfire night and watched London light up from the windows!

This weeks photo challenge is Treat. Treat for me is travelling, taking time out for a pedicure even if it’s DIY, a trip to the movies, the physio, coffee out or just watching TV snuggled up with the cats for once. I always knew growing up my life was not to be in the UK. I didn’t know how it would happen but thanks to P, it did. I always thought it’ll be America, but Spain ain’t so bad! Enjoy!

Trip to Athens, Greece in August this year.

Aegean SeaAegean SeaSunset Aegean Sea

Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus, Acropolis Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus

Sunset over Athens from Parliament Sunset AthensRainbows! Always a treat to see!RainbowAnd how can I forget ice-cream! Vegan ice cream which is a treat at €4.50 for 3 scoops as 2 scoops ain’t enough!La Heladeria MexicanaTreat Weekly Photo Challenge Treat

Pizza and Ice Cream. Italy and Mexico

Every summer for a while now, I’ve looked on enviously while people cool down eating ice cream. Being a vegan, they’re a no go. Instead, I go for ice lollies/ice pops, however being plant based, I make my own as I don’t want the added additives. The truth, ice lollies don’t always cut it. Ice cream does. I miss ice cream.

Ice cream and I were reunited this past weekend! We found a vegan ice cream parlour and I had my first ever vegan take out pizza!

I hope you had a great weekend. Normally I don’t write about food here. Mainly as I only go out to eat when P’s here (P’s here for a few weeks) and I’m not very experimentive with what I make myself which is 80% raw vegan. This is partly mostly due to my culinery skills, aka lots of huge salads filled with everything. There are a quite vegan restaurants here, however from a nutrition point of view, I can’t have veggie burgers everyday!

Most of the weekend was low key, Chores, roof top workout and long bike ride ending up at La Maquisita, Saturday. Some rides end up there! It’s a shopping centre outside the city centre and every 3-4 weeks, I like to go mainly for Forever21. There are gems to be found if you’re prepared to look for them. The quality is on par with H&M and a few other Spanish high street stores, like Berskha, Stradivaruis and even some Zara items, but you have to hunt!Evening bike ride

Sunday, long run day for me. 12km up the coast, with monkey bar play and failed muscle ups. I couldn’t mange even 1! I can usually do 4 not the most graceful with rest in-between. Sunday, my body wasn’t cooperating. Thankfully the beaches were empty, with few people to laugh at my attempts! The return leg back, my legs decided not to cooperate. I honestly preferred last weeks Spartan Run as I had an excuse to walk!12km run view

Sunday evening we went out for a bike ride to the W hotel and back. Cycling back along the beaches in Barceloneta, I mentioned a burger place I’ve seen, which turned out to be chain of one in the centre (with not nice veggie burgers). We cycled down a few side streets to get back the beach when we saw a sign for vegan ice cream. What?! We came up with a plan, lock the bikes, get some ice cream. Then down another side street we found an oven fired pizza place. Change of plan, take away pizza without cheese to eat on the beach, go back for ice cream!La Heladeria Mexicana

Nap Mar, Neapolitan Authentic Pizza, is Italian as it gets. Italian staff, Italian grade 0 flour and wood fired oven. We opted for the vegetarian option minus the cheese (making it vegan) and it was gone in an instant!Nap Mar


Nap MarNap Mar

With pizza bellies, next up ice cream! From Italy to Mexico. La Heladeria Mexicana is 100% authenic Mexico. All the ingredients, the fruit, everything is sourced from Mexico (P got talking the owner). I loved the decor, day of dead skulls and bright colours. It’s right next to my gym, so I’m sure I’ll be back! The ice cream is water based and oh my, so flavourful and smooth! I choose 3 flavours: coconut and raspberry, passion fruit and a mango chilli. Reunited with ice cream tasting better than the ‘real deal’! I definitely recommend both in you’re ever in Barceloneta! They also make vegan brownies, burritos and quesadillas and make desserts for all the local Mexican restaurants. I know I’ll be back!

La Heladeria Mexicana

La Heladeria Mexicana

Have you noticed that nearly all the super foods are from South America?

What’s your favourite pizza topping and ice cream flavour? I always go for mango, passion fruit or strawberry ice cream flavours. Surprisingly not chocolate! Have a great week!