Things I Learnt In 2013 for 2014

The last sunset of 2013 and a great workout to end the year.IMG_1920

It’s been a long year and I’ll be going in to 2014 with the knowledge that, in no particular order:

Not to be afraid to ask for help. I’m not super girl, I can’t do everything and people like to be asked to help.

I’ve lived alone in two foreign countries since 2005. Spain and France.

When I was a little I knew I wouldn’t stay in the UK and I’d live alone. Freaky.

I’m hoping we return to Barcelona in 2014.

I miss speaking Espanol.

Our bodies amazing ability to heal it’s self after injury.

I’m not keen on rest days. Active rest days yes please.

What beginners go through when starting working out. 2 months off after nearly doing in my achilles was tough both mentally and phsyically.

Fitness is me. It’s my passion.

I love helping others achieve their fitness thing.

Okay, fitness, animals, art, reading, travelling are my passions. I can’t be put in a box.

I love yoga at the end of the day.

Osteopaths are pretty amazing people.

Listen to Osteopaths.

I’ve been following loosely for years without realising a raw based diet. This may be due to my cooking skills.

Manuka honey is amazing on cuts.

I love trail biking.

Angelous (cat) loves nutritional yeast and vegemite.

Diesel (cat) goes loco for corn the cob, sweet potato and kale.

Jellyfish stings sting.

Finally embracing my femininity without thanks to Chriselle Lim, Tone It Up and Michelle Phan.

Inspiration and motivation from the girls above. I always look forward to their posts.

Time flies by fast. So fast if I want kids I only have a few years left. That’s if I want kids.

I still feel like a kid.

Thanks to time flying, I have a career shelf life as a trainer.

Charlene Johnson‘s 30 Day Challenge was perfect kick start me into achieve my dreams.

Charlene Johnson is amazing at 45. I wanna be like her when I’m 45!

Getting used to living with someone again. Paul and I’ve been together for 13 years (gulp!) with last 8 of them him working on yachts. He spends the whole summer in the Mediterranean working and only in the last 2 years had winters off, otherwise it’s winters in the Caribbean for him. We only saw each other spread out of 6 weeks a year. Hence living in 2 countries on my own some.

3 months apart is too long. 2 months is fine 😉

The number one chefs must: A sharp knife. No excuse for a blunt one.

Sometimes you need the real deal. Sugar that is.

I might be a little too stubborn.

Paul will always be there for me thousands miles apart as long as it’s not during breakfast, lunch or dinner service. Add prep time to that!

Smile. When you flash those pearly whites, people smile back. Happy mood past on.

Smile may help you get out of tricky situations.

A smile will help me get out of the third sentence above. Love ya really!

JC Santana will always make sense.

I would one day love to train with JC Santana.

Tone It Up challenges meant I got to met more fitness crazy ladies. We rock.

Let nature be (well that one’s always been true). Caterpillars ate my plants. The moths/butterflies were beautiful.

I’ll always in awe of nature and animals.

Skyfall was the best Bond movie so far.

Drinking more water makes a world of difference.

The more I travel, the more I realise what’s out there to be seen.

I love HIIT workouts. Maybe a little too much!

I will always love summer. I’ll take the heat and humidity over cold damp days any day.

That I’m going into the New Year at lot more positive and happy than I have for a very long time.

I don’t where I’ll be next NYE!

I love running. Off road especially.

I’m still not sure where I’m I heading (will I ever?), thanks to Charlene Johnson. Dreams become goals, goals become to do’s, to do’s get crossed off, dreams become reality.

I’m still waiting for my YMCA PT certificate. (end of post explains it all!)

Have a great NYE and I wish you all the best for 2014!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt in 2013 to take into 2014?

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