Je Prends Fun

We didn’t want to go home straight away.

Saturday we’d been leisurely wandering around Habitat (tip: sign up for their mailing list. You get extra discount at sale time) and around Decathlon, testing out bikes and me experimenting with the weights of kettle bells with kettle bell swings, we didn’t want to go home straight away.

It had been raining all day and we decided to find somewhere at 8pm for coffee (late yes, but no drink driving!). We saw a virtually empty Hagen Daz bistro/cafe, parked up outside and asked in our best French can we just have coffee? No. Okay. Au Revoir.IMG_1823

Juan les Pins

As we returned to the car to get an umbrella, the lady followed us saying it’s okay just for coffee. No thank you we smiled and walked on in search of somewhere else.

That somewhere else was an deserted amusement arcade. We had it all to ourselves and had so much fun! Way more fun than ice-cream and coffee! Air hockey, hoops and eliminating Terminators!IMG_1827 IMG_1830

Who say’s you have to act your age as you get older?! Aren’t we all young at heart?!


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