Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m meant to be Christmas shopping online and wrapping presents to post, but they can wait. I’ve got a few more days until last calls for delivery in time for Christmas. It’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week!

December’s waxing Cold Moon

Chocolates Solé Chocolate Puro Dark Chocolate República Dominicana Sweetended With Agave

Another bio shop find! This chocolate is perfect if you want processed sugar free chocolate. Instead of cane sugar is sweetened with agave! It’s a little expensive about €2.30 for however it’s really quite nice without leaving a nasty after taste which some chocolate containing sugar can. It also hasn’t got the bitter taste of dark chocolate either. Ingredients are minimal with other flavours including chilli, cinnamon, olive oil, raspberries, ginger among so many more flavours though not sweetened with agave. I’m hoping Veritas stocks soon the almond and orange flavours. Packaging is plastic and aluminium free! Edit: What I didn’t know until editing is that it’s a local brand from Barcelona! 

SkyView Lite App

You can just make out a dot above the word dot in the blue sky. I think this is Venus however below…… Sunset run this week.

If you ever find yourself looking up at the night sky wondering what constellations you’re seeing or why that star doesn’t shimmer (it’s a planet!), SkyView Lite’s your app. P introduced me to it a few a years ago. I think I’ve mentioned in previously. It’s not a perfect line up so you have to use a little bit of guess work. The moon for example can be aligned off from the real moon, so other stars can be off slightly. Thankfully but not thankfully city light pollution dims most stars so you can read the info and work out the brighter stars. Only the brightest get through light pollution. When I do see a night sky full of stars you understand why so many ancient civilisations and cultures turned to the stars for answers. And how light pollution blocks this amazing view. Winter and spring is when I most use it and it’s cool leaning about what you’re looking up at. The lite version gives a little info with option to upgrade to SkyView. I’m the lite version and that’s fine with me. Wikipedia gives me more info it I want more! AppleAndroidVenus is the middle planets. Venus in the photo on Sagittarius’s hip. The apps not perfect but it’s good enough. From top to bottom: Neptune, Venus, Jupiter.


December’s waxing Cold Moon

With a month to go before the winter solstice the light gets really kinda magical. The sun’s almost at it’s lowest in the sky, the living room gets all morning sunlight, the light has a warm cold glow if that makes sense and the moon is something else through the naked branches. 

Plank Step Backs

These are a killer for the lower abs! Start in an all fours position with knees hoovering making sure shoulders and wrists are aligned with each other as too hips and knees. Next slowly step one leg behind out to a full plank position with the over knee still hoovering. Pause for about 2 seconds then slowly bring the leg behind to the starting position. Repeat on the other side for 1 complete rep. Remember to keep abs engaged and shoulders away from the ears. It burns quickly so it’s good one building up reps. 

Internet Finds

James Bond No Time To Die Trailer. YouTube. Hopefully this will be released in Spain next year and I’m going!

Climate Change is causing birds to shrink study suggest. BBC News.

The sun keeps getting strangers, dive bombing solar probe shows. Nat Geo

Everything you need to know about fine hair. itsa10haircare. I get my hair cut and treatment in 2 weeks and it more than needs it. Caring for fine hair is a balance. My last shampoo and conditioner wasn’t kind on my hair the 2nd bottle around, so I’m trying to make it look somewhat presentable until my appointment. If you have fine hair I’m sure you know some of these tips, a little refresher’s always great!

Where cats get their own staircases. Nat Geo 

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below! Have an amazing week ahead!


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