Beauty Finds: The Cleansing Trio

Today I’m sharing my current go to cleansing products. All are cruelty free, vegan and natural ingredients!

My love for Korean skincare products might be waning. Gasp! There are some Aussie products that have caught my eye that I might prefer. However when it comes to cleansing, removing makeup, making my face feel clean Korean products win. All products reviewed are cruelty free, contain no nasty ingredients, vegan, mostly palm oil free as I prefer orangutans (1 ingredient is a derivative). While my skin type is combination to oily all products are aimed for all skin types. It took a few frogs over the past 1.5 years to find this trio. And yes I know. All plastic packaging while I’m wanting to reduce my plastic. Skincare and beauty are one of the areas I’m finding this hardest.

When it comes to cleansing my face, I follow the double cleansing routine. Firstly an oil cleanser to remove excess sebum, sunscreen, silicones and oil based makeup makeup followed by a foam cleanser that removes sweat, dirt and/or water based debris. In the mornings I cleanse with an foam cleanser only. 

Urang Natural Cleansing Oil 150ml

A gentle, mild cleanser containing its that effectively take sebum and dirt off the skin, while keeping it moisturised. 99.9% natural ingredients. Minimizes dead skin cells & impurities. Gently removes makeup without blocking pores. Natural surfactants. 

I can’t get enough of the cleanser! With only 12 ingredients free from synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, chemical preservatives or additives it removes sunscreen and makeup a treat without feeling like it’s stripped my skin dry. 1 generous pump on dry skin is enough for my face and neck. It removes eye make up no problems. Usually with liquid eyeliner it requires a little more oil, first dissolving my placing my index fingers for a few seconds with the oil on my eyelids before gently rubbing away the eyeliner. I rinse with a warm damp muslin face cloth a few times until all makeup and oil is removed. Used in the evenings the bottle lasts about 2 months.

The cons: plastics, the plastic travel lock clasp and the plastic packing chip that protects the plastic travel lock. That said plastic travel lock clasp however is great if you travel. No leaking oil.

DSCF6614Hardly any product left! No rinsing of the bottle. 

Urang Creamy Bubble Foam Cleanser 150ml

A soothing cleanser the contains calendula extract and chamomile extract, perfect for al skin types and sensitive skin types. With the addition of natural surfactants, the mild cleanser effectively washes away grist form skin with no irritation. Great to maintain clean and smooth skin. 

I really like Urang cleansing line. The owner created a natural skincare line as she couldn’t find any products she liked. With only again 12 ingredients free from synthetic fragrances, chemical additives or preservatives or other harmful chemicals all ingredients are rated 1, low on It smells like apples and like all foam cleaners is designed to remove water based dirt, sweat etc. Usually 1 and bit pumps is enough to leave my face and neck clean without drying out my skin. Large nasty spots, whiteheads and cyst acne have been kept at bay since I started using this. It’s one I keep going back to when I flirt with other foam cleansers that seem to break me out. Within days of going back to this one, my skin looks healthier and happier! Again I remove the cleanser with warm water and a muslin face cloth. Used twice a day it lasts a little longer than the cleansing oil, around 2.5-3 months. It can also be used on hair and body!

The pump works amazing too, right down to the few days of product. The last amount of product for the last few days you open the bottle to pour out. It still works but it doesn’t foam as much. The only con, the plastic packaging.

Again hardly any product left and no rinsing of the bottle. 

Frank Body Charcoal Face Cleanser, formerly Creamy Face Cleanser 100ml

The dirtiest looking, but cleanest-cleanser. Makes sense right? Makeup, shmakeup. I look dark because of charcoal that deactivates breatkouts. I remove makeup & impurity’s naturally without stripping the skin thanks to my combination of echinacea & natural oils. Use morning & night for a clear, blemish free complexion. Vegan & cruelty free. 

An Aussie cleanser I flirted with and liked. It keeps blackheads at a minimum! As it keeps blackheads to a minimum I found it’s too drying for everyday use twice a day. It starts to dry out my skin. Flaking on my nose, chin and forehead aka the T zone. It’s now my heavy duty cleanser. One I use every 2nd or 3rd day in the evening or when I feel like my skin wants a deeper clean so to speak. Okay, when I’ve slept in my makeup. I know, I know. A little goes a long way. The only cons are the smell, it’s takes some getting used to and working out the right pressure squeezing the flip top tube for the right amount. I also noticed evening cleaning with this works best not in the shower. My skin feels cleaner using this sans shower. Also surprisingly as I don’t use it as often as the Urang foam cleanser I get through it in about 2.5 months.


Again the plastic packaging. Why do I keep mentioning the packaging? I’ve recently switched to shampoo and conditioner bars and it’s an eye opener for cleansers. They don’t need be liquid form. I already use soap bars instead of shower gel. The only con with so many bars it’s remembering which is which and dealing with the residue in soap dishes!

Do you double cleanse? Have you tried these products? What are your current cleansing products and routine?



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