March 2020 Catch Up

I wasn’t sure if to do March Catch Up this year. Half of it has been spent in Covid-19 lockdown. Spain called the State of Alarm on the 14th March. Unless an essential worker, everybody’s only allowed out for food, pharmacies, doctors or work. We’re now in our 4th week of lockdown with another 2 more weeks to go. Possibly another extension until the 10th May and beyond! Who knows! I’m hoping come the end of April the Spanish government eases the lockdown confinements. Even if it’s just we’re allowed out to exercise! Greenery and seeing the sea close up is what I miss. I will miss the quiet outside and cleaner air.

I’m sure many of you are tired reading and hearing covid-19 news, so I’ll try to keep the 2nd half of March to a minimum focusing on the freer first half. Back when I could cycle, run, climb, pop to the shops with no worry of will the police believe me I’m only getting bread or a weekly shop! I never knew how much I travelled in the city looking back at photos. My world was small then, now it’s even smaller. Do I have more time to do stuff I didn’t back then?

Not even a day or 2 old already running, jumping, exploring!One patient Mangabey monkey mum. She’s a good mum. I think as monkey hierarchy goes, one of the higher ranking mums. Late winter early spring life

Erm, I got a wheel blocker for my bike so I’m trying to do as much cycling. Gym workouts are now at home, run days are Popsugar Fitness dance classes. Climbing hours I don’t know where they went. Maybe more phone. One thing I have noticed is my skin tone has improved as I’m not wearing make up. There’s no point if I’m not going out. I’m still washing my hair every day as it’s still getting as greasy. And for sanity. My hair’s so fine grease shows in an instant. If clean hair gives me a sense of normality in a crazy time, I’m taking it. I get to try shampoo and conditioner bars. If they don’t work nobody will see my crazy hair!

TMI? Why bother with deodorant why it’s me?

While my sleep’s still all over the place and eating, or remembering to eat before I get too tired and crash is still work in progress. Don’t get me wrong I DO eat! No as much as I should, but I eat. More one day, less another. In a twisted way I think I needed this lockdown to get things worked out. Before I was rushing here and there, getting frustrated I wasn’t doing other things. Now I’m pretty much house bound I can address them. It’s taken a few weeks to get my head around what, but it’s a start. If anything a wake up call was the fat loss in my cheeks. I’m at the age now it’ll be harder to put on in the face but easier everywhere else as my metabolism starts to slow. I know weight gain and loss goes where it wants. Yep, I’m hitting this year the scary decade everything falls apart and keeping it together becomes tougher. I’ve begun Operation Hamster Cheeks. As long as the weight goes to my face cheeks and not booty cheeks I’m cool!

Stuff ya face!

March’s extra circular activities were pretty much surprise the zoo, checking out new brands in Durni, Douglas and Sephora’s travel sized and mini products near the checkouts. I’ve learnt any new up and coming brands in Sephora Spain will sell mini sized to see how they go. 99% I don’t try, I just like to look. Okay and inhale bright colours. I’m predicting skincare will be big this year as will eyelash extensions, mascara, eyeshadow as the world wears masks for a year. Lip fillers out. Look into my eyes.

I had to replace my climbing shoes are I literally wore holes in them. I got them fixed over Christmas only to wear holes in the same place. The back of my heel started to hurt wearing them to the point I couldn’t walk in them. Usually it’s the toes the first few weeks hurt. I’m sure too my sweat destroyed them, even with airing after use. I managed to find in Barrabes Barcelona a vegan pair! Not the pair I wanted as for about 2 weeks they were out of stock as was my climbing gym. The pain was so bad in the old pair, beggars couldn’t be choosers. After hearing that my teacher is don’t bother with an expensive pair indoor or gym climbing I’m not bothered they’re more a beginners shoe. For me it was more important not to have a leather pair again. Last year vegan climbing shoes were hard to find in Spain. This year I had more options. I didn’t want to buy online as with climbing shoes you to need to try on a few frogs to find the one. Barrabes is in a part of the city centre I rarely go to so I had fun exploring the streets on the way there. I say streets as I always get one mixed up and go way to far. This got me thinking in a few months when lockdown constrictions ease, depending on how far I can travel in the city, to explore more and visit places I’ve been I’ll go later. Maybe as there’ll be few tourists this year there might be incentives for locals to visit the tourist hot spots! I have to hold myself accountable going. She says.

I went for the Boreals after returning the Tenayas. They were too painful trying them on back home when I wasn’t under pressure of getting places before closing. Patiently waiting until I can use themIMG_9015One of the cutest streets in Barcelona, Passtage Permanyer, Eixample. English inspired buildings. When I can if allowed I’ll see if I can walk down rather than peek Zara, Placa de Catalunya the day before the lockdown officially started. Normally it’s packed Friday evenings

One place for sure I’m excited to be able to visit, surprise is the zoo. My little piece of sanity in the city. I’m 100% positive the inhabitants are enjoying only human zoo staff looking after them. Some days it’s even too busy for me.

First day of lockdown before the government imposed fines as our outdoor social distancing activities were too muchNow I photo hazy mountains, tree tops from my balcony and forever grateful I have sea view, despite puppy dog eyes out the window I can’t go and say hi to the sea

How has your March and if under lockdown been? I think everybody’s counting down the days until we’re allowed out to start a new normal. Please share in the comments below!


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