June Beauty Finds

I decided a few months ago as I always have an excuse, not that I need one to pop into Sephora or check out new products on iherb.com to share what I find. There’s no denying I love browsing skincare isles. I don’t have to buy, I’m happy just being surrounded by lotions and potions. When I was a kid growing up, as well as making mud pies, I made ‘rose water’.  I used to collected rose petals, fill pans full of them and water. I knew at an early age, the beauty benefits of plants!

I have just 2 requirements with skincare products and make up. No animal testing and as natural ingredients as possible, no parabens, SLS’s etc. With make up the last 2 are a little tricky, however, I opt for what I can.

This month it’s all about hair!

Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo and ConditionerAcure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell Shampoo and Conditioner

My frangipane smelling little wonders. I saw these products in Instyle USA’s Aprils green skincare edition. Reviews were great, so I promptly checked on iherb.com and saw both the shampoo and conditioner were on offer. €5.45 each for 250ml! Bargain! Both have lived up their reviews. My hair’s fine, ends can get dry, the rest can get greasy quickly and can easily get weighted down with products or too much conditioner. With these my hair feels soft, moisturised and looks healthy thanks to the argan oil and being high in omega 3 and 7. I’ve used natural shampoos and conditioners before, but in the end have always gone back to one inbetween minus SLS’s as I find they don’t clean or condition well. With Acure it’s the reverse and I’m definitly reordering. The only con, is the shampoos lather. Most natural shampoos have this issue of not lathering very well as they don’t contain SLS’s and generally use an equivalent coconut derived one. I either have to time the water to shampoo lather ratio quickly or use more in areas that don’t feel lathered! (It does make sense!). Both are also available in jumbo size for extra savings!

K&K Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture SprayK&K Sea Salt Texture Spray. Beach Waves

The only thing I don’t like about this is the international shoppings costs. It was more than the product! There’s no need for them to be that high. However as its made by the Tone It Up girls Karena and Katrina, who know a thing or two about beach hair, I made an exception with the shipping. As I like it so much, I intend to politely send an email asking if they could reduce shipping charges. I order more in in weight and price from iherb with shipping a fraction of the price and parcels arrive in the same time frame.

That aside its one of the best sea salt sprays I’ve tried. I know when my hair needs a cut as the ends start to get lanky with product starting to weigh it down more than usual. I started using this around that time, no more lanky locks! It adds a bit of shine, lots of texture, so my fine hair gets a boost and it doesn’t dry it out or weight it down like other sprays! I spritz some on when it wet, take the front sections of hair and twist them back on themselves (direction of curl is important! Away from face!), pin with hair grips/bobby pins and let it air dry while I get ready. It’s adds a little more curl and volume. I also found that after being up in a pony tail for workouts, again, it held the waves (not as much) and had volume afterwards, while being beach hair and not a mess! I just have to smooth it down a bit with a towel and go! Similarly I’ve been wearing a cap or a trucker cap cycling ever since my free cap from the Roxy Run. I wear sunglasses but squint less squinting wearing a cap so less little frown lines. What I didn’t expect was presentable waves. When I reach my destination, remove the hat, puff hair a little and voila beach waves rather than extremly windswept. With this spray, it still has volume after poofing a little being under a cap. As my hair’s so fine, it generally doesn’t hold styles for long, so this aspect I’ve been particularly impressed with!

See here for Tone It Up’s Beach Waves Hair Tutorial.

What are your current favourite hair care products? What’s your favourite go to hair style?


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  2. says:

    I want to give Beach Waves a try! I could definitely use that! 🙂

    1. says:

      😃. It’s better than Bumble and Bumbles surf spray!

      1. says:

        I’m trying to see if I can get it in Canada. Looks like I’ll have to order online… sigh… now I have to wait for shipping.

      2. says:

        It’s only sold on their website for now!

      3. says:

        Ah okay. I ordered some from the site. Hopefully it arrives before the weekend! I can’t wait to try it.

      4. says:

        I’m sure it’ll arrive before then. It took a week to arrive here!

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