1 Month Until Spring!

I’ve forgotten how warm sunshine feels like on my skin. I’ve been huddled in layers for weeks and I’m more than craving feeling some sun rays. I think the cats are too. They’ve got all the morning sun spots down. When the sun moves away from the apartment they switch to being snuggled up in blankets. They won’t have to wait long for warm sunshine longer than a few hours or an apartment that’s warm during the day. The countdown to Spring’s on. Less than 5 weeks to go!

Finally a moment to say hi! I’ve finished my 2 week beginner indoor climbing classes. I’ve really enjoyed them and am hoping continuing them. A real rock face I’ll probably shit myself and be ropes please (as long as I don’t thread them. I’m left handed for that (I’m 65% right handed, 35% left handed) so the kill lever doesn’t activate. It took a while to thread it correctly). I was surprised how much my triceps and quads ached. I thought it would my back and forearms I’d feel, not my triceps and chest. But there’s a lot of overhead presses and hip flexing. A lot more legs are involved than I thought too and a lot of technical steps to learn. Drop knees take some thinking or for me they do, which way do I turn again? Our teacher said it’s one of the few sports where it’s equal in strength/power, technique and mental power. For heights, as long as I don’t look down I’m okay! I was conscious of falling. I was always picked last for team sports, so I have a little mentality, I’m going to be dumb picking things up or not be any good. However after the 1st practice fall I was fine. The mats are cushiony yet firm but if you land on your feet only you can still do damage. My last climb this week my hand strength/grip failed 2 blocks from the finish marker and down I went with probably 1 second to prepare oh I’m falling. But we’d been taught how to land and roll without impacting our spine which kicked it. I’m not so scared now falling on mats indoors. Outside still ropes please! 

Anyways, I’ll leave ya with some catch up photos!

It’s been rainy, windy or overcast most days with a few days of sunshine and hitting 0C in the morning which for here’s a big thing.

Rainy windy run

Naked trees continue to fascinate me! 

I found out why these temporary sign posts are cushioned on the pavement. To stop people like me looking at their phone while walking banging their head into metal. Luckily I looked up just before I did. Insert see no evil monkey emoji. 

There’s been zoo visits as always to escape the crazy.Baby mangabey monkey Blackbirds are everywhere at the zoo at the moment and I like that the capybaras always have guests for dinner. Parakeets were dining too. 

Cycling though El Borne and Ciutat Vella with Montjuic in the background. The Spanish flag caught my eye amongst the grey. The Catalan flag is up by the castle. 

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m happy the days are getting longer. Daylight’s already at nearly 12 hours!

Is Spring just around the corner making you happy?

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